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Monday, October 20, 2014

Overt Racism Returns

Here's something that's been really turning me and a good majority of Americans off about +Fox News, and the Right-wing in general, the obvious showings of overt racism on the air. As I said in a previous post, this is exactly like reliving the 1960s.

I'm not about to blame the President for this uptick in overt racist commentary, as he can't control any of it (it is protected by the 1st Amendment, provided it doesn't incite violence). I do, however, blame the +GOP for courting the formerly racist-wing of +The Democrats, and fully giving them control over the past few decades. What the heck happened to the party of fiscal and social moderation? It's like it's been replaced by a party of hardened extreme theocrats looking to impose their values on everyone.

Moreover these theocrats are seeking to impose White Supremacy again! Big mistake, in my eyes. It won't fly in the eyes of the American public. Our national strength comes from our diversity. It's an asset, not a hinderance! However, it won't stop the +GOP's racist wing (aka +The Tea Party) from doing so. How? By claiming freedom of religion, and that anti-discrimination laws (i.e., the +Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc.) violate their right to free religious beliefs, and the right to decide how to run their own business.

It's this same excuse, and the newly found medium in +Fox News to broadcast the excuse, that allows the extremists to continue calling for more ways to undermine any and all civil rights legislation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Protest At The Chinese Consulate

I'll start by saying that the bus ride to work faced a major delay due to a protest in solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong. The protesters in San Francisco were staging their event at the Chinese Consulate (located on Geary & Laguna) by first marching over to it and then rallying in the street right in front.

Needless to say this tied up traffic, but as inconvenient as protests can be sometimes, they're necessary to prove a point. The point the protesters were making earlier: China should live up to its agreement to retain Hong Kong's democratic governmental structure as had been decreed when the British left in 1997.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reason To Not Vote Republican In Election

I'm aware that the election is coming up very soon, and that we're in for a really wild outcome. One thing to bear in mind this time is why we need to refrain from voting for the +GOP this time. Let's bear in mind the fact that the Republicans want to turn America into an oligarchic kleptocracy, like Vladimir Putin runs in Russia, and wants to roll back the clock to about the 1830s. We don't need to go back that far, and we need a government that's transparent and accountable to the voting public. And by rolling the clock back to about the 1830s, I'm saying that they want to disenfranchise everyone, but White, Protestant men and strip away all other rights. Additionally, they're looking to start a campaign of genocide against those who are non-White (think of who's a part of the +GOP base - it'd be a non-surprise to know that many happen to be from the White supramcist movement), and don't be too shocked if they try to carry through with it. Many of the folks in +The Tea Party (a good chunk of the +GOP base), also fall into the category of White supremacy advocates and followers, and come from groups that advocate such positions like the +John Birch Society and the +Ku Klux Klan.

In terms of economic policy, many of these same people are looking to drive everyone into a financial hole just to allow big companies like +McDonald's+BURGER KING+Koch Industries, etc., to make a quick buck with our tax dollars and get a bigger break in their on-going scam of evading taxes. We can't continue on this path, and we need to grow the economy in order to get ourselves out of the mess left behind by +george w bush's administration.

So just to recap if you would like more racism/more legislated hate, more corruption, more inequality, vote for the +GOP. If you'd like to make more progress (despite it being frustratingly slow), vote for +The Democrats.

A message from +Jgsf1987

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeing Evil Elmo

I have to say that I was way creeped out yesterday on my way home from work. I just happened to run into a figure who I've seen a lot on +Stanley Roberts+People Behaving Badly segment on +KRON 4: Evil Elmo (aka, Adam Sandler). I saw him just outside the Powell St. Muni/BART station, and I have to say that he was a lot bigger than I thought. The reason I find him intimidating is not because of his size (My Pop's like 5-6 inches taller than me), but because of the fact that he's known to get exceedingly aggressive with almost no warning and does so at little kids and their families. Just seeing him outside the +Flood Building was enough to give me the willies. I managed to get a photo of him by the Cable Car Turn-around in front of the +Gap on Powell and Market.

Enclosed is a video of him in Times Square, with a warning: be prepared for some graphic language (he makes a lot of Anti-Semitic and Anti-Hindu Remarks). Let's just be clear this is not any Elmo you want near your kids. If he approaches you, don't give him anything. If he gets aggressive, find the nearest officer from the +SFPD.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blue Shield And Prop 45

I found the mail I got yesterday on the dinkng room table, and next thing I see, a flier addressed to me saying, "Vote No On 45". So naturally, it'd be wise to look at who's funding that flier, and unsurprisingly, 1 name shows up: Blue Shield of California. This is a complete non-surprise as the company's looking to avoid any kind of premium rate regulation so that it continue bilking us at almost 3-5x the inflation rate. Do yourselves a favor and vote Yes On 45. Your wallets will thank you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A dedication to the greatest Lady a man could have.

I have to take a moment to pause and reflect, and remember the lady that brought me into this world, my Mom. I can think of no lady who's been there fighting there beside me and behind me, no matter what happens. I always would want my Mom to know that I appreciate everything that she does for me, and that I always have her in my thinking as I'm moving on with my life.

I just know that I'll always appreciate the fact that no matter what, I can always count on my Mom.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

White House Intruder And Possible Presidential Assassin

Now this is not to say that the events of the last 2 days or so is the first time that the +United States Secret Service has screwed up royally; but this is perhaps one of their worst, if not the worst screwup in the past 2 1/2 years. Apparently the intruder made it further into the White House Grounds and into +The White House itself than the Secret Service had originally said, and was more heavily armed than originally described. What was lucky was that President +Barack Obama was not in +The White House at the time of the incident, as +PoliticusUSA describes.

In a separate article+PoliticusUSA makes the situation clear that the +United States Secret Service bears the most responsiblity for allowing this breach to happen because of the misjudgment of the most senior agent on +The White House site of a car backfiring, when what the agent was actually hearing was gunfire. But while I may be heartened that Congress is holding hearings into how the Secret Service allowed the breach to happen, it does deserve a considerable chunk of the blame, particuarly +John Boehner and the +House Republicans, for allowing the sequestration to happen. Had the +House Republicans bothered to work with +Senate Democrats, the sequester would not have been enacted and the Secret Service would not be down 550 agents.

However, as I said previously, management in the +United States Secret Service is ultimately responsible for ensuring that an incident like this doesn't happen again. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of the first family at all times, in addition to all visiting heads of state and heads of government. In some cases the service has grown complacent when it comes to managing threats, not willing to adapt new means of protecting the first family from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, or unwilling to adapt new tools to combat these threats. I just hope that they get their act together, in addition to Congress.

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