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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been talking to friends and lately they've been sayin a lot how they feel burnt out. I happen to sympathize with them since I feel like my drive is also burning out, even though I'm very close to being done with my General Education units.

Well hopefully, I might find a way to make sure I can stay on track and not get too lost in the drama of college. I've had too many things get in the way, that's holding me up. Most notably is my inability to pass English 214. I've always had problems with that class and found someway to screw myself over (be it a bad match with a professor, or just simply me not being able to get to class on time). Mainly the situation has been the latter, but I guess I had trouble with 1 professor's teaching style. Another problem that I have with English is that I have no love for the subject, period. I never have and probably never will, but my university makes too big a deal out of that requirement, even though I know it's important to be able to write clearly. Sometimes, I feel that I can't get all the rules in that subject and therefore cannot always see what I need to look for. No matter what I keep doing, I can't ever make it good enough for professors. Some of them, happen to be assholes, but that's beside the point. Most are actually quite good with working with students that have learning disabilities. That's the situation with my current English professor and I give him/her a lot of credit for that. I personally think that the people who run universities should hire professors like mine. It will actually let students have a more level playing field.

I've also figured out that my burnout had been from me taking on too many classes and working myself through an entire summer without ever taking time off for myself or finding another way to occupy my time. The result of the burnout has been that I was on the internet for too many hours. Now I see what it has done to my GPA. I think that now, since I got the internet problem out of the way, I can take a fresh look at my course work and can better concentrate on taking care of the business of getting my GPA up to about a 2.70 by the end of the year. Hopefully, when I'm out of my college, I'll have a 3.50 GPA***.

***GPA stands for Grade Point Average***

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