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Saturday, July 6, 2013

BART Strike of 2013

I have to say, this has been a crazy week so far with the ATU and SEIU local unions for BART having gone on strike. Apparently it's been over the number of safety incidents that have taken place over the past couple of months which is why I'm kind of understanding of their striking. I'm really concerned that BART's management was not hearing the train and fare-gate operators as they've apparently been making noise about the lack of concern or investment in safety for riders. While I hope they can restore service as soon as possible, I really hope that the State of California can force some changes in terms of safety routines.

Additionally, the unions were also trying to seek a raise, which had been a part of the fight as well, with wages and benefits on the line. The good news is that, while the unions agreed to call off the strike and resume their current contract for another 30 days, they are back to negotiating a new contract, as well as, pushing new safety practices to end the kind of tragedies that have taken place on the BART system over the past few months. I hope for sure that it has some teeth and that BART can increase its presence of crisis management for these types of situations.

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