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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Right-Wings unsustainable lie campaign about President Obama/government inaction

I don't know how to start this other than saying that the +GOP's lies have caught up with them and less of the American people find them trustworthy than they do with the +Democratic Party.

Here's why I'm getting more pissed off than ever with the +Republicans. They have not been governing at all since 1999. They've wasted more time on political sideshows than anything else. Their reason, to destroy the +Democrats so that they retain permanent political power. While it was successful during the time between 2001-7 ( +George W. Bush's first six years in office), it lost traction around late 2005 and resulted in the Democratic Victory of 2006. From 2007-9 the Republican Party spent more time defending their actions and attempting to use racism as a ploy to keep power in 2008. Look how that turned out: +Barack Obama won by a huge landslide over +John McCain, 365-173. Obama's victory took states that had not voted Democratic since either 1964 (Indiana, Virginia), 1976 (North Carolina), or 1992 (Colorado), along with the traditional swing-states (Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, etc.).

Since Obama's been in +The White House, he's been subjected to all kinds of racially charged commentary, and not just by +Fox News, and other elements on the right. He's also been the target of racism by ordinary Americans, as I've seen on +Facebook+ Fan Page and +Twitter.

Now as for the Right-wing's campaign of lies against him, as in blaming him for the shutdown, or only being representative of the Black community's agenda of shoving equality under the law, are part of a sustained effort to demonize him as the "other" and to use him as way of explaining the reason to the American Public why nothing's gotten done. In addition to being called the president of the gay agenda, Obama's had to plow through the muck while still barreling ahead. Additionally, they're starting a campaign of harassment against the black community in the form of voter Id laws as a means of assuring their own political victories (through election fraud) and keeping the blacks from exercising their rights as full American citizens. 

However, what's good to see is that their lies are catching up with them, from Benghazi to Voter fraud. In fact, in an article on +PoliticusUSA (Ted Cruz Tells A Lie So Big Even Jonathan Karl Can't Let It Pass), I believe that it explains the situation quite clearly. This whole set of lies, one after another, is pissing me as well as all other Americans off. It should be a call to action. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Trucks impeding traffic

How is it that companies like Fedex and UPS can act as if they have every right to impede traffic? This is a consistant problem that takes place practically everywhere in San Francisco. I just finished talking to a cop from +SFPD  in Halladie plaza who’s just as frustrated about this, he said they act like they don’t even care that they’re blocking the road, and citations mean nothing. Here’s a vid to take a look at:
It’s time to change this picture. It’s time to start charging these companies $2,400.00 per employee violation and revocation of their commercial operating license for a year per each employee violation. Companies are responsible for employee behavior and actions, and it’s time to send that message.

Comment, subscribe and/or share if you agree.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sufferings throughout history (why supremacist [far-right] politics areexceedingly dangerous)

When can there ever be a time without such suffering surrounding us? It’s as if anyone cannot answer this question without getting into utopian idealism.

The reality is such that no one can as it’s not going to happen, hands down. History proves itself time and again, as there’s bound to be a sadistic leader looking for a convient scapegoat for the troubles suffered by a society as a whole. Other times come from a leader seeking to enrich himself and his subjects on the pain of those deemed inferior and subhuman. The cases in point are Leopoldic Belgium and Nazi Germany. A note to all readers, these are just 2 of numerous examples (America during Jim Crow, South Africa during Apartheid, etc.). While it’s one thing to say never again, reality has never made itself work in this capacity.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Arapahoe Shooting and other hate mongering from the right.

I have to say that in light of the shooting in Arapahoe, I feel very strong sense of grief for the families whose kids needed to go to the hospital, especially the 15yo girl who's still in critical condition, of whom I wish a speedy recovery. As for the guy who did this, no, I'm not surprised he did this at all. I'll include this video to explain why that is:
If anything the teen was not evil, but was in need of some kind of psychological counseling. Let me explain, many young Americans, like myself, sometimes have a very hard time explaining to middle-aged adults how we're feeling. This is not to excuse this mass-shooting, far from it, if he was alive long enough for the police to secure him, it would have been a much better ending. But my overall point is that deranged individuals, like the teen gunner in Arapahoe, generally suffer from unreleased rage and stress. So it does little good to just simply say that they're evil. People in this situation need psychological and psychiatric care, not imprisonment.

As for the Right-wing, I've been seeing them go off the rails about everything from not being able to discriminate against other people they fully consider to be inferior to not allowing private, for-profit institutions rip off the tax-paying electorate. This includes private, for-profit universities profiting off the backs of students through federal financial aid, as well as companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart dumping their employees on public welfare programs. However, that shouldn't be news, but it will always continue to be and here's how. These companies' business model depends on them cutting costs by passing the cost-of-living for their employees onto us, the tax-payers. It's basically a legalized form of fraud, but not entirely, for what they are doing is actually in violation of labor laws. Only these are not the only examples, as you look on, there's another one coming from the Right-Wing, via +Fox News, which is incredibly infuriating: 
In this video, +Megyn Kelly, an anchor on +Fox News, makes a fairly insensitive comment about Santa Claus only being, "White," and that there's no way there could be a "Black Santa". This is just teaching our nation's kids that racism is normal, while ignoring this country's violent past. I find this kind of talk absolutely sickening and it makes me think in a way that many of the people on Fox News (primarily excluding Bill O'Reilly, and possibly, Brit Hume) would like to see the return of the Jim Crow Laws, or possibly slavery.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bill O'Reilly at it again with Religion

Check this article out from the +Raw Story:

Atheists to Bill O’Reilly: ‘Religion does more than just hurt people. Religion kills people.’ (via Raw Story )
On Friday night on his Fox News Channel show, Bill O’Reilly made a show of attempting to understand the motivations and thinking of the people he deemed “angry” atheists, asking, “Are they that bitter against religion?” Raw Story spoke with…

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Corporations getting a payday with taxpayer's hard-earned dollars.

I saw this article on +PoliticusUSA's website. This is absolutely infuriating and just proves why we need to do more to empower not just the people, but the +Democrats to help effect change for the people. The +Republicans are not the solution, or part of it, they are problem along with their corporate cohorts. It's part of this plan by those with ties to the John Birch Society to install a far-right system of government that uses fear and anger at those who are minorities as means of distracting voters from the real theft and graft that's been happening over the past 30 years or so. Let's see, Reaganomics failed, even with the Bushian implementation back in 2001 & 2003. We've seen more economic upheaval and insecurity as well as flashes of racial and other forms of hatred at this time than any other time in US History. It's actually much worse than during the Roaring 1920s and Gilded Age combined which saw Culture-War like clashes at nearly the same level.

Anyway, getting back to the corporations, it's not like this should be news to anyone. This has been an ongoing problem from Reagan's presidential tenure to the present. Not to say that +Barack Obama is a saint in any of this, he's not, but don't misunderstand me, he's really trying to do what he can, where he can to get these corporate titans to at least see some reason. I personally see no reason as to why these corporations need to continually intimidate voters into giving them more tax-dollars that they're simply going to move offshore. If anything this should be a call to +Barack Obama to start going after these guys with the US Department of Justice. Since this is kind of a legal gray area, it might be time also for Congress to do its job and make laws that outlaw this type of behavior. One way or another, it's time to end this corruption and make this government work for the people. We pay their salaries, so we should have the final say in who stays and who goes come election 2014.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Death of an icon

When I saw the newsflash by a friend on Facebook, I thought to myself, "Holy cow! This cannot be." Unfortunately it is. The world has just lost the man who almost singlehandedly battled the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Nelson Mandela. He was 95. May he R.I.P., as the world remembers his legacy and the fight for freedom and justice. His memory will continue to live on as South Africa continues to struggle to overcome this tragic part of its past. I hope that other major icons such as +President Jimmy Carter and others will be able to use their clout to carry on the push for peace in many troubled regions just as Mandela did during his years of retirement.

RIP Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christians in Powell Station

I know, what the heck is with this picture of a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) Bible Stand? The reason it’s here is to illuminate the fact that not all Christians are of the ravaging Evanglical sort. The gentleman in this picture (a really nice guy at that), Clarence, was making the point that not all of them are Bible-thumping moralists, but those who accept the fact that the world we all live in is a flawed place. Additionally, I remember him telling me that the “rapture” is only about taking out people who are committing harm and mass suppression/oppression of others (whom he referred to as evil).

I’ll say this about the JW, they’re nowhere near as radical/fanatical as some Evangelicals are. I feel that I should clarify this, I recognize that my first statement about Evangelic Christians was too broadly painting all of them as fundamentalists, which everyone knows is not the case. If anything, the most vocal and fundamentalist branch is only a tiny portion. Most are just ordinary people with families like the rest of us. Going back to the JW, if you think about it, when you know you’re being preached to, it feels less intimidating. What I find myself appreciating about them is that they’re not forcing anyone to accept their view as the sole interpretation of the Bible.

I really find myself in heavy gratitude to the fact that their commitment to social justice knows no limit.

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