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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christians in Powell Station

I know, what the heck is with this picture of a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) Bible Stand? The reason it’s here is to illuminate the fact that not all Christians are of the ravaging Evanglical sort. The gentleman in this picture (a really nice guy at that), Clarence, was making the point that not all of them are Bible-thumping moralists, but those who accept the fact that the world we all live in is a flawed place. Additionally, I remember him telling me that the “rapture” is only about taking out people who are committing harm and mass suppression/oppression of others (whom he referred to as evil).

I’ll say this about the JW, they’re nowhere near as radical/fanatical as some Evangelicals are. I feel that I should clarify this, I recognize that my first statement about Evangelic Christians was too broadly painting all of them as fundamentalists, which everyone knows is not the case. If anything, the most vocal and fundamentalist branch is only a tiny portion. Most are just ordinary people with families like the rest of us. Going back to the JW, if you think about it, when you know you’re being preached to, it feels less intimidating. What I find myself appreciating about them is that they’re not forcing anyone to accept their view as the sole interpretation of the Bible.

I really find myself in heavy gratitude to the fact that their commitment to social justice knows no limit.

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