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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sufferings throughout history (why supremacist [far-right] politics areexceedingly dangerous)

When can there ever be a time without such suffering surrounding us? It’s as if anyone cannot answer this question without getting into utopian idealism.

The reality is such that no one can as it’s not going to happen, hands down. History proves itself time and again, as there’s bound to be a sadistic leader looking for a convient scapegoat for the troubles suffered by a society as a whole. Other times come from a leader seeking to enrich himself and his subjects on the pain of those deemed inferior and subhuman. The cases in point are Leopoldic Belgium and Nazi Germany. A note to all readers, these are just 2 of numerous examples (America during Jim Crow, South Africa during Apartheid, etc.). While it’s one thing to say never again, reality has never made itself work in this capacity.

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