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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Right-Wings unsustainable lie campaign about President Obama/government inaction

I don't know how to start this other than saying that the +GOP's lies have caught up with them and less of the American people find them trustworthy than they do with the +Democratic Party.

Here's why I'm getting more pissed off than ever with the +Republicans. They have not been governing at all since 1999. They've wasted more time on political sideshows than anything else. Their reason, to destroy the +Democrats so that they retain permanent political power. While it was successful during the time between 2001-7 ( +George W. Bush's first six years in office), it lost traction around late 2005 and resulted in the Democratic Victory of 2006. From 2007-9 the Republican Party spent more time defending their actions and attempting to use racism as a ploy to keep power in 2008. Look how that turned out: +Barack Obama won by a huge landslide over +John McCain, 365-173. Obama's victory took states that had not voted Democratic since either 1964 (Indiana, Virginia), 1976 (North Carolina), or 1992 (Colorado), along with the traditional swing-states (Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, etc.).

Since Obama's been in +The White House, he's been subjected to all kinds of racially charged commentary, and not just by +Fox News, and other elements on the right. He's also been the target of racism by ordinary Americans, as I've seen on +Facebook+ Fan Page and +Twitter.

Now as for the Right-wing's campaign of lies against him, as in blaming him for the shutdown, or only being representative of the Black community's agenda of shoving equality under the law, are part of a sustained effort to demonize him as the "other" and to use him as way of explaining the reason to the American Public why nothing's gotten done. In addition to being called the president of the gay agenda, Obama's had to plow through the muck while still barreling ahead. Additionally, they're starting a campaign of harassment against the black community in the form of voter Id laws as a means of assuring their own political victories (through election fraud) and keeping the blacks from exercising their rights as full American citizens. 

However, what's good to see is that their lies are catching up with them, from Benghazi to Voter fraud. In fact, in an article on +PoliticusUSA (Ted Cruz Tells A Lie So Big Even Jonathan Karl Can't Let It Pass), I believe that it explains the situation quite clearly. This whole set of lies, one after another, is pissing me as well as all other Americans off. It should be a call to action. 

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