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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Arapahoe Shooting and other hate mongering from the right.

I have to say that in light of the shooting in Arapahoe, I feel very strong sense of grief for the families whose kids needed to go to the hospital, especially the 15yo girl who's still in critical condition, of whom I wish a speedy recovery. As for the guy who did this, no, I'm not surprised he did this at all. I'll include this video to explain why that is:
If anything the teen was not evil, but was in need of some kind of psychological counseling. Let me explain, many young Americans, like myself, sometimes have a very hard time explaining to middle-aged adults how we're feeling. This is not to excuse this mass-shooting, far from it, if he was alive long enough for the police to secure him, it would have been a much better ending. But my overall point is that deranged individuals, like the teen gunner in Arapahoe, generally suffer from unreleased rage and stress. So it does little good to just simply say that they're evil. People in this situation need psychological and psychiatric care, not imprisonment.

As for the Right-wing, I've been seeing them go off the rails about everything from not being able to discriminate against other people they fully consider to be inferior to not allowing private, for-profit institutions rip off the tax-paying electorate. This includes private, for-profit universities profiting off the backs of students through federal financial aid, as well as companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart dumping their employees on public welfare programs. However, that shouldn't be news, but it will always continue to be and here's how. These companies' business model depends on them cutting costs by passing the cost-of-living for their employees onto us, the tax-payers. It's basically a legalized form of fraud, but not entirely, for what they are doing is actually in violation of labor laws. Only these are not the only examples, as you look on, there's another one coming from the Right-Wing, via +Fox News, which is incredibly infuriating: 
In this video, +Megyn Kelly, an anchor on +Fox News, makes a fairly insensitive comment about Santa Claus only being, "White," and that there's no way there could be a "Black Santa". This is just teaching our nation's kids that racism is normal, while ignoring this country's violent past. I find this kind of talk absolutely sickening and it makes me think in a way that many of the people on Fox News (primarily excluding Bill O'Reilly, and possibly, Brit Hume) would like to see the return of the Jim Crow Laws, or possibly slavery.

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