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Saturday, December 27, 2014

President Obama and North Korea

I need to praise +Barack Obama  in the starkest of terms as his response to what could be a string of cyberattacks from North Korea has been measured and swift. I'm not surprised in the least that the North Koreans would have threatened to retaliate against us for not bowing down to their will and for even daring to defy them by going on to watch the film +THE INTERVIEW. Consdering The Interview, it's a stupid movie, and in my opinion, not the greatest use of either +Seth Rogen or +James Franco's talents. Not only that, I found the humor too uncomfortable, but nonetheless indiscriminatory.

As for Kim Jong-Un, attempting to start nuclear warfare with the world's second-biggest stockpile of such weaponry is military suicide. I can't attest to Kim's sanity, and I won't bother. That's for experts well above my level of education (BA for a History Major with a Russian Minor). However, I will say from my History background that decisions by state actors to attack states bigger than their own rarely come out successful. Perhaps the best examples are Japan attacking America and Germany attacking the Soviet Union during WWII. Think about the end results for both countries, and this will explain why Kim's nihilism at this point will come back to bite him in the butt.

I'm not saying that Obama should threaten Kim with nuclear weapons, as I think that would only feed Kim's ego of himself as being a strong leader. However, Obama should make the point to Kim that continued provocative acts and actions could possibly lead to more severe consequences. Of course, such warnings and promises only lead to threats in return, which continues this tension cycle.

Only now, Kim's really upped the ante by plowing through a racist slur towards Obama. The only question I have is, why? If his point is too insult our president to the point that open season-like nuclear warfare ensues, that's not going to be the result. I think the Foreign (State) Department's response was appropriately measured, but it won't do much in terms of resolving the crisis.

Article Credit: +ABC News 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Torture Report And More On The Protests Of Racialized Policing Across America

I'll start by saying that the Torture Report released by the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is very heartening to see. It took a while for Dianne Feinstein to get all the pieces together due to the +Central Intelligence Agency continually stonewalling the investigation, which took a particularly nasty public turn back in the lame duck session of the 112th Congress in 2012, in addition to around this time in 2013. Still it's good that it's released, and that its contents that are public give the rest of us a clearer picture as to what the CIA did in the time frame from the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to George W. Bush's exit from office in January 2009. While I haven't read it yet, what I do know is that from seeing articles published on it is that the CIA went to Bush and Dick Cheney with this plan from before the attacks, and in the aftermath, got the clearance to go about implementing the "enhanced interrogation techniques" and using it on figures such as Khalid Sheik Mohammed. The fact is that these techniques were not only useless in obtaining any credible information for breaking up attacks, they destroyed our credibility across the world as now we can't get any information on anything unless someone chooses to give us the information voluntarily.

As for the protests, luckily the craziness in Berkeley seems to be dying down (as in no one getting on the interstate freeways). Still, it's lucky enough that Berkeley Police and Police from around the Bay Area are working together to help facilitate the protests so that they can go about peacefully. One key note to these protests turning into riots, most of the anarchists taking part are actually not from the Bay Area and/or from the Berkeley area itself. Most I think are coming here from the Central Valley, primarily around Fresno, just to start trouble for the sheer heck of it. Then again, this is not a huge surprise, come to think of it. Since many in the Valley areas have no real love for the Bay Area, and in particular both San Francisco and Berkeley, due to what many of them see as a sinner's haven of Liberalism that must be destroyed at all costs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Berkeley's Up In Flames

Somehow the title to this post is a bit too hitched with irony. The question: when is Berkeley not up in flames? It's called the People's Republic of Bizzerkeley for a reason, and this weekend put that reason on full display. This isn't to hate on Berkeley, as it's a sign that its agitatingly activistic nature is about to return to fight an old battle, racism (more specifically racial oppression, discrimination, segregation & persecution). Then again, this has come in a much different than when Jim Crow was still in force.

In Berkeley, riots on both Saturday and Sunday literally destroyed the downtown along Shattuck Avenue. I feel for the merchants who are victims through property damage, just like I'm 100% behind the cause of the protesters in bringing some form of judiciary reform. However, rioting won't do anything except give rogue cops the excuse they need to justify using excessive force. My advice to the protesters is: don't fall for their trap by going completely conquers! I can say that I was amazed at how disruptive, but not destructive, the protests were last night. I feel bad for the commuters who were stuck in traffic on I-80 or idling +Amtrak trains on the Capitol Corridor line, due to protesters blocking either the freeway or the tracks. It's just a matter of keeping an eye out for the Police response in Berkeley, and hope that Berkeley police won't employ the same tactics they did on Saturday. At the same time, hopefully the protesters will be more watchful for opportunistic anarchists looking to hijack their cause.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eric Holder's Announcement For Holding Local And State Law Enforcement Accountable To The Fed And Its Impact On Racial Profiling

I'll start by saying that it's about time the Justice Department announced a new crackdown on the various local and state law enforcement agencies to see how they're using federal funds and retired military equipment when "protecting and serving" our communities. I don't think it will take the Attorney General, +Eric Holder, very long to figure out that racism and White supremacy is ripe in several local and state police departments around the nation.

The fact that racism ties into how law enforcement officials do their jobs and who they target to enforce upon. More likely than not, their center of enforcement tends to be around communities of color rather than White people. Don't be so surprised, this is actually very common. It's because of the pre-conceived notion that people of color (particularly Blacks and Spanish-speakers) are all criminals waiting for someone to arrest them. For the Black community in particular, it's especially difficult for them to voice their own innocence due to having a judiciary heavily rigged against them as +PoliticusUSA explains in this article about Michael "Mike" Brown's extrajudicial execution by Darren Wilson and the sham-trial meant to cover the case up. It's not just Mike Brown who's a victim of this White supremacist mentality that's enveloped many of our nation's law enforcement agencies, think of Trayvon Martin back in 2012, when George Zimmerman shot him dead after appointing himself judge, jury and executioner along with cop to enforce the law. This is beyond absurd, that this passes for legal law-enforcement or self-defense to shoot dead unarmed young Black men.

As for Eric Holder's announcement, via +The White House, it focuses on 3 key concepts:

  1. Creating a taskforce to better understand the problem of racial profiling in law enforcement and putting an end to it with new community-oriented policing (good place to start by getting the community involved with the police in keeping everyone safe).
  2. Stronger oversight and other reforms as needed to keep a profile of how local and state law enforcement agencies use federal resources to do their jobs, especially when it involves retired military equipment (very commendable as this has been a lacking factor going back to at least the George W. Bush Administration at the very earliest, via the PATRIOT ACT).
  3. Body cameras mandated to be worn by cops (by far the most sensible solution, as it would help to give an unblinking eye to anything that happens between citizens and law-enforcement officers).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Lives Don't Matter? Yeah, Right! They Matter Just As Much As White Lives!

I really can't understand how the +GOP and its various right-wing cohorts are continuing to paint the picture of Black lives not mattering at all, and that the best kind of African American is a dead African American. What the heck is this thought process doing in one of our nation's two major political parties? Really? Is it that sickening to many of the right that Blacks should have equal rights to Whites and that Black lives do matter?

This is not to say that the whole Right-Wing is racist, as it's not. I know plenty of conservatives that are actually not that into the whole dog-whistle style of politics. However, there are plenty of folks on the right that are seeking to install White supremacy. I'm talking figures like +Ted Nugent and +Sarah Palin. I want everyone to see something, that +Dennis Kucinich posted on his Twitter feed. It speaks volumes as to why we need to keep pushing to end the terrible legacy of Jim Crow and racism in America. Don't be under any illusions that the +GOP will look for any means to repeal any and all civil rights legislation, because they will.

This is precisely why I've said in some previous posts about my concerns with the Koch Brothers and others from the far-right controlling the Republican National Committee, it's because I, like many in this country, am seeing the implementation of the platform of the +John Birch Society and also the reimplementation of the old +Confederacy on a national scale, not just in the South. This is scaring me to no end, and I'm sure it's scaring many of you as well.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson & The Need For Judicial Reform

I'll start off by saying that I'm by no means shocked or surprised to see that the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri voted the way it did. I'd say given Darren Wilson's status as a police officer made the likelihood of him being let off with no consequences that much more feasible.

That being said, I think there was a major misjustice that took place. First off, from what I read on +Addicting Info+PoliticusUSA+Raw Story, and Forward Progressives, the Ferguson Police Department lied about the trajectory that Darren Wilson's gunfire took when he fatally shot Michael Brown. The fatal shots travelled a full 148 feet (about 45 meters), instead of the 35 or so stated by the Department. However, that's not the part that pisses me off though. What really gets me infuriated is that Mike Brown's family can never have closure for the fact that certain groups, such as the +Ku Klux Klan, decided to insert themselves into the case just to see another African American family needlessly suffer. Additionally, I find it infuriating to know that Darren Wilson was running threats against other Black residents in Ferguson, and that he's spilled the fact that he has ties to the KKK. It makes me think that the lack of accountability is another means for upholding White supremacism, which really has no place in our lives. I find that the people sworn to uphold the law in Ferguson obfuscated their duty to do so.

I feel for Michael Brown's parents, and I want them to know that I not only share their pain, but extend to them my love and wishes that they find peace. They should not have to continue to deal with the hell after their son's senseless murder, and I think it's a sign of strength that they're giving back to the community that has rallied around them in their time of great pain.

Michael, Sr. was right to call only for peaceful protests following the Grand Jury's decision, and to make the case that rioting will not make anyone's voices heard. I don't hold the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, accountable for the failings, but I do hold the St. Louis County government accountable for its failure to address the underlying tensions surrounding the use of racial profiling at both the city and county levels by police.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Republicans & Jim Crow's Likely Return

At the moment, I only see the Republicans trying to revive Jim Crow in order to win elections. If you look very carefully at what the Republicans are doing with their majorities in various state legislatures is the same and/or similar actions taken by the Democrats in the South. That's what makes the Republicans' maneuvers so infuriating, the fact that they're old tactics which used to happen in the past.

Now let's be very clear, not all Republicans are these reactionary, White-Supremacist, variety. Most are actually fairly reasonable, and would be more than willing to do what's necessary to move this country forward. But the ones largely calling the shots at this point are from the reactionary, White-Supremacist faction (aka, +The Tea Party). I mean think about it, how many times have you heard various individuals, and/or the faction itself, make all kinds of racist, homophobic, etc, remarks? I'd say several, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I can only see this trend getting worse over time before it gets better.

I'd say once +Barack Obama leaves office in 2017, do not expect a Democrat to return to the Presidency for a good while. I'm saying this because of the various Voter ID laws (which are unconstitutional on the grounds that they're poll taxes) and their impact on likely constituent groups who would likely vote Democratic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Katie Cole's New Single

I listened to +Katie Cole's new track Shout, and it's very well-done. You can find Shout here. Listen to it, as she really shouts while singing to give the cover some I'd say very well-enhanced dramatics. Props to her for creativity, and I think that +Tears For Fears would likely agree on that. It's also heartening for me to see where she's placing purchases of Shout+Susan G. Komen® Foundation for researching a cure for breast cancer. It's worthwhile, knowing that someone very close to her suffered this terrible disease.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Top 3 For 2016

Hey all, thought I'd share this with you from +Democracy for America: My 3 Picks. If you plan to vote for +The Democrats in 2016 presidential race, you should definitely give your input.

On to 2016!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What To Expect From The 114th Congress

With the +GOP in control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it's fairly clear that we're in for a world of mayhem come January 2015 (possibly even January 2017). Here's to expect out of the 114th Congress when it convenes in January:

  1. No relief for student loans and retransferring their control back over to the same banks that sank the economy in 2007-9.
  2. No relief for homeowners on their mortgages, especially when those mortgages are worth more than the property invested.
  3. No relief for the working poor in terms of extending the earned-income tax credit and food stamps, or by raising the minimum wage.
  4. No relief for the unemployed with an extention of unemployment insurance.
  5. More red-tape for trying to file for a patent.
  6. More tax-cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.
  7. More tax-hikes on everyone else.
  8. More red-tape to gauge any kind of government services.
  9. Higher likelihood of finding contaminated food in market due to loose regulations and hampering USDA's ability to inspect plants.
  10. Higher likelihood of finding contaminated water due to gutting Clean Water Act and defunding the Environmental Protection Agency.
  11. Higher likelihood of breathing contaminated air due to gutting Clean Air Act and defunding the EPA.
  12. Higher likelihood of workplace injuries and deaths due to defunding Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  13. Higher likelihood of industrial disasters due to defunding the Chemical Hazard and Safety Board.
  14. Increased speculation on Wall Street due to weakened oversight from defunding the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, and gutting Dodd-Frank.
  15. Possible cleared bill out of Congress to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and on to +Barack Obama's desk (which he'll veto).
  16. More hearings over ludicrous conspiracy theories.
  17. Attempts to impeach the President for doing his job.
  18. No attempt to pass any budget, and more attempts to shut down the government so that nothing gets done.
  19. Eliminate affordable housing for people with fixed-income.
This is a basic outline of what to look for, as there's more than you can look up yourselves on +Google or Bing. You can also look up other outlines of what the Republicans plan to do on +PoliticusUSA+AlterNet+Raw Story, etc., who will have even more detailed descriptions.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Israeli Military And Security Forces Treat A Mentally Disabled Boy Inhumanely

Understand that while many soldiers in the +Israel Defense Forces are in a life-and-death scenario much of the time, they are part of a policy which is meant to dehumanize and excuse various acts of genocide towards the Palestinian people. I read this article on +Addicting Info and I personally find it sickening.

Read it for yourselves, and leave any commentary either on this blog post, or hit me up with your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

Republican Attempts To Suppress The Vote Just Before the Election Arrives

This is not a new issue, but more of an ongoing theme. The real reason for the need of voter ID laws as stringent as those in states governed by the +GOP: to prevent likely-to-hardcore Democratic voters (youth, minorities, single women, etc.) from going to the polls. This is one of the clearest forms of cheating in the history of election rigging.

This is not a surprise, but it's aggrivating to know that the Republicans will quit at nothing to dilute and ultimately destroy +The Democrats, and what they stand for. It's also happening, as demographics in our democratic/federal system are not on the Republicans' side. White (European) Americans are becoming a shrinking demographic in America, and other racial minorities are becoming the new majority. This is a massive problem for the Republicans in the sense that they count on the support of European Americans to keep them in power.

Additionally, the Republicans have no ideas for moving this country forward. Because they lack ideas, they can't compete for power against the Democrats, in the arena of politics and policymaking. They know this, and their way of making sure they stay in power: voter suppression. By suppressing the vote, and making voting more confusing for the electorate at-large, the Republicans can count on a low-to-very-low voter turnout. Only in low-turnout elections do Republicans perform very well.

Just remember this if you're in a state with a Republican Governor. Don't be surprised if you find yourself being intimidated to vote Republican if you want to remain alive.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Voting Republican Is A Victory For Neo-Conservatism's Perpetual Warfare Abroad & Extremism At Home.

Let me start by saying that voting for a full Republican-controlled Congress is a disaster (potentially a nuclear one) waiting to happen. I don't mean to scare anyone with that kind of language, but it's the solid truth.

I want to begin by going back to the days of the GW Bush Administration and the extremism it launched in the aftermath of 09/11/2001, and look to that time period's strong entry into what would become the biggest bout of American nationalism/patriotism and militarism at home and abroad. If you were born before the year 1997, you'd remember the chaos of that ghastly Tuesday morning in September 2001, and the messages President +George Bush and Congressional leaders gave later on that same day. Needless to say, everyone was scared and infuriated by the attack, and there was a quickly and strongly growing desire for revenge. Revenge for the attack on our civilization, values, beliefs, etc., and a desire to take out the people responsible for the loss of many civilian lives. This desire for revenge fed into the Neo-Conservatives' narration for the need of permanent warfare and the need to take out the "Axis of Evil" that threatened everyone living in civilization. At first this meant the Taliban and its Al-Qaeda allies in Afghanistan, but soon evolved into Iraq, Iran and North Korea, the Neocons' 3 top targets. I think we can see where this evolution went, especially going into the Fall of 2002 and Spring of 2003, The Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Of course many wonder: "But +Jgsf1987, how does this tie back to the Republicans today?" A very observant question that requires a more illustrious answer. Many of the same Republicans in Congress today, folks like +Senator Lindsey Graham and +Senator Richard Burr, voted overwhelmingly in favor of the War in Iraq and for its supplemental funding outside of the national budget. In addition, many of these same figures, were egging the conversation onward that the Neocons presented that we need to be on a permanent war setting and be prepared to invade any country that even slightly disagreed with us. This meant provoking other nations unnecessarily, those with which we had peaceful, but slightly tense relations with. These were nations like Russia under the leadership of +Vladimir Putin, China under +Jiāng Zémín, and North Korea under +Kim Jong Il.

Today, many of these same figures are calling for a return of troops to Iraq, as well as the placement of troops into Syria and also Iran. That's in addition to permanently extending the tax-breaks of the Bush Administration for the very wealthiest Americans and American corporations, which are bankrupting us. Another aspect to bear in mind is that these same folks running the Republican Party are seeking to destroy the system of Civil Rights and the safety net propping up the very poorest among us. Doing this is going to put even more strain on the economy, and will only pull it downward. Also, look to whom they pay greater credence to: Big Oil, which includes the Koch Brothers. Think of it this way, you want to be able to have decent medical care, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean food to eat, etc.? Don't vote for the +GOP, as they want to get rid of any and all safety regulations that are meant to keep us alive.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why The Koch Brothers & Their Friends On The Far-Right Are So Keen On Purchasing America's Sovereignty

Think of the Robber Barons of times old, and you'll be able to understand what we're up against with the Koch Brothers throwing their weight around. Just like during the Gilded Age when wealthy corporate tycoons tried to purchase government influence, the same is happening right now.

Here's another way of explaining it: think of all the arguments made by the Republicans in favor of increased wealth concentration and how it will trickle down to us somewhere down the line. This is the same specious argument they've been making whenever their conservative wing assumes power. The last time anyone remembers the promise of Reganomics, it was that we would see everyone prosper with a lighter money supply. Yeah, 3 decades later, we're still digging ourselves out of a hole due in part to this economic theorum.

Well, combine the explanation for the calls of returning to supply-side economics, with the fact that many of these same wealthy individuals, feel it's their duty to fight the so-called "culture wars", as a means of denying people their rights, or to unleash an unconscienable target for people's pent up rage. This is sickening, and should not be who we are as a people. In any event, this is exactly what the Koch Brothers are looking to do, in addition to some of their friends. Think of the Walton Family of +Walmart as another example of right-wing extremism.

Much of the racism that we're seeing currently (the worst since the 1960s, but nowhere near the severity of the 1870s-1920s) has do with either the Koch Brothers, or one of the many organizations they founded (+American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)+The Cato Institute+Americans For Prosperity), or any of the other billionaires throwing their money around as a means to distract us from revealing their true scheme.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Overt Racism Returns

Here's something that's been really turning me and a good majority of Americans off about +Fox News, and the Right-wing in general, the obvious showings of overt racism on the air. As I said in a previous post, this is exactly like reliving the 1960s.

I'm not about to blame the President for this uptick in overt racist commentary, as he can't control any of it (it is protected by the 1st Amendment, provided it doesn't incite violence). I do, however, blame the +GOP for courting the formerly racist-wing of +The Democrats, and fully giving them control over the past few decades. What the heck happened to the party of fiscal and social moderation? It's like it's been replaced by a party of hardened extreme theocrats looking to impose their values on everyone.

Moreover these theocrats are seeking to impose White Supremacy again! Big mistake, in my eyes. It won't fly in the eyes of the American public. Our national strength comes from our diversity. It's an asset, not a hinderance! However, it won't stop the +GOP's racist wing (aka +The Tea Party) from doing so. How? By claiming freedom of religion, and that anti-discrimination laws (i.e., the +Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc.) violate their right to free religious beliefs, and the right to decide how to run their own business.

It's this same excuse, and the newly found medium in +Fox News to broadcast the excuse, that allows the extremists to continue calling for more ways to undermine any and all civil rights legislation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Protest At The Chinese Consulate

I'll start by saying that the bus ride to work faced a major delay due to a protest in solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong. The protesters in San Francisco were staging their event at the Chinese Consulate (located on Geary & Laguna) by first marching over to it and then rallying in the street right in front.

Needless to say this tied up traffic, but as inconvenient as protests can be sometimes, they're necessary to prove a point. The point the protesters were making earlier: China should live up to its agreement to retain Hong Kong's democratic governmental structure as had been decreed when the British left in 1997.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reason To Not Vote Republican In Election

I'm aware that the election is coming up very soon, and that we're in for a really wild outcome. One thing to bear in mind this time is why we need to refrain from voting for the +GOP this time. Let's bear in mind the fact that the Republicans want to turn America into an oligarchic kleptocracy, like Vladimir Putin runs in Russia, and wants to roll back the clock to about the 1830s. We don't need to go back that far, and we need a government that's transparent and accountable to the voting public. And by rolling the clock back to about the 1830s, I'm saying that they want to disenfranchise everyone, but White, Protestant men and strip away all other rights. Additionally, they're looking to start a campaign of genocide against those who are non-White (think of who's a part of the +GOP base - it'd be a non-surprise to know that many happen to be from the White supramcist movement), and don't be too shocked if they try to carry through with it. Many of the folks in +The Tea Party (a good chunk of the +GOP base), also fall into the category of White supremacy advocates and followers, and come from groups that advocate such positions like the +John Birch Society and the +Ku Klux Klan.

In terms of economic policy, many of these same people are looking to drive everyone into a financial hole just to allow big companies like +McDonald's+BURGER KING+Koch Industries, etc., to make a quick buck with our tax dollars and get a bigger break in their on-going scam of evading taxes. We can't continue on this path, and we need to grow the economy in order to get ourselves out of the mess left behind by +george w bush's administration.

So just to recap if you would like more racism/more legislated hate, more corruption, more inequality, vote for the +GOP. If you'd like to make more progress (despite it being frustratingly slow), vote for +The Democrats.

A message from +Jgsf1987

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seeing Evil Elmo

I have to say that I was way creeped out yesterday on my way home from work. I just happened to run into a figure who I've seen a lot on +Stanley Roberts+People Behaving Badly segment on +KRON 4: Evil Elmo (aka, Adam Sandler). I saw him just outside the Powell St. Muni/BART station, and I have to say that he was a lot bigger than I thought. The reason I find him intimidating is not because of his size (My Pop's like 5-6 inches taller than me), but because of the fact that he's known to get exceedingly aggressive with almost no warning and does so at little kids and their families. Just seeing him outside the +Flood Building was enough to give me the willies. I managed to get a photo of him by the Cable Car Turn-around in front of the +Gap on Powell and Market.

Enclosed is a video of him in Times Square, with a warning: be prepared for some graphic language (he makes a lot of Anti-Semitic and Anti-Hindu Remarks). Let's just be clear this is not any Elmo you want near your kids. If he approaches you, don't give him anything. If he gets aggressive, find the nearest officer from the +SFPD.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blue Shield And Prop 45

I found the mail I got yesterday on the dinkng room table, and next thing I see, a flier addressed to me saying, "Vote No On 45". So naturally, it'd be wise to look at who's funding that flier, and unsurprisingly, 1 name shows up: Blue Shield of California. This is a complete non-surprise as the company's looking to avoid any kind of premium rate regulation so that it continue bilking us at almost 3-5x the inflation rate. Do yourselves a favor and vote Yes On 45. Your wallets will thank you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A dedication to the greatest Lady a man could have.

I have to take a moment to pause and reflect, and remember the lady that brought me into this world, my Mom. I can think of no lady who's been there fighting there beside me and behind me, no matter what happens. I always would want my Mom to know that I appreciate everything that she does for me, and that I always have her in my thinking as I'm moving on with my life.

I just know that I'll always appreciate the fact that no matter what, I can always count on my Mom.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

White House Intruder And Possible Presidential Assassin

Now this is not to say that the events of the last 2 days or so is the first time that the +United States Secret Service has screwed up royally; but this is perhaps one of their worst, if not the worst screwup in the past 2 1/2 years. Apparently the intruder made it further into the White House Grounds and into +The White House itself than the Secret Service had originally said, and was more heavily armed than originally described. What was lucky was that President +Barack Obama was not in +The White House at the time of the incident, as +PoliticusUSA describes.

In a separate article+PoliticusUSA makes the situation clear that the +United States Secret Service bears the most responsiblity for allowing this breach to happen because of the misjudgment of the most senior agent on +The White House site of a car backfiring, when what the agent was actually hearing was gunfire. But while I may be heartened that Congress is holding hearings into how the Secret Service allowed the breach to happen, it does deserve a considerable chunk of the blame, particuarly +John Boehner and the +House Republicans, for allowing the sequestration to happen. Had the +House Republicans bothered to work with +Senate Democrats, the sequester would not have been enacted and the Secret Service would not be down 550 agents.

However, as I said previously, management in the +United States Secret Service is ultimately responsible for ensuring that an incident like this doesn't happen again. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety of the first family at all times, in addition to all visiting heads of state and heads of government. In some cases the service has grown complacent when it comes to managing threats, not willing to adapt new means of protecting the first family from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, or unwilling to adapt new tools to combat these threats. I just hope that they get their act together, in addition to Congress.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Understand That Racism Plays A Part In The Right's Campaign This Year

Let me just make a note of the fact that we should be trying to fight as hard as possible to make our voices heard. From the events in Ferguson to the silencing of all our voices by the Koch Brothers, we need to understand what it is that makes this cycle that much more important. We're in for a world of hell should the Republicans take the Senate in November, as they'll be leading us down to a path of fascism not seen since the Nazis had control of Germany back in the 1930s and 1940s. No, I'm not equating ALL REPUBLICANS to being fascists, just the more extreme ones. Most Republicans are kind of like my Pop in this sense, not really all that concerned with someone being gay, or being whatever, and mainly with keeping the government from making a real mess of the economy.

It's the extremists that have hijacked the party and are now leading us down a path to fascism, due to their consistant lust for war and conquest, and their need to manufacture crises at home just to scare the living heck out of all of us. Basically, they continue to view the White Race as the master race, and all others as infestations. The racial community that always gets the worst of it - the Black community. Let me tell you all something, their struggles here in America are like the Jews' struggles in Europe. My ancestors went through the Romanovs' constant pograms, and I see a lot of that happening today with the Black community, many times in the hearts of our big cities. It needs to end, and it needs to change. How? Education of what the community's experience is like from one day to the next.

For those who are from other racial/ethnic communities, I will not discount your experiences either with the worst of White America's racism. Take Arizona's SB 1070, the Papers Please Act, which is completely about racial profiling of Spanish-speaking Americans living in the state. Additionally, it's time to end the usage of the word "illegals" when talking about the Spanish-speaking community at-large. The vast majority of them are here legally, and many are even born here. Another aggrivating example is the stop and frisk and/or warrantless bugging of Muslims and Mosques. This goes beyond common sense and is a knowing willful violation of the 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment. First of all, the vast majority of Muslims, both in America and around the world, are not JIHADISTS. Those that are Jihadists are a very tiny minority, I'd doubt even 10% of all the world's Muslims.

My point is simple, just because we're from a different background doesn't mean we should be having to deal with disrespect and indignity while trying to get through day to day life.

Think about this when you go to the polls on November 4.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Note To Readers

I want to start off with a heartfelt apology to everyone about sounding like a broken record saying GO VOTE constantly. I want all to understand that voting in a midterm election is as important as voting in a presidential cycle.

Even if you don't support President Obama, or you do, it's no reason to stay home. We need to understand that by not voting we're giving our silent approval to let Washington remain broken and ineffective, and this is what many on the right want, unfettered access for corporate special interests.

They've done very well, these corporate special interests, and it's time for us to stand up and say HELL NO to these interests who will continue to racebait in order to distract us.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Paul Krugman And The Republicans Hatred Of The Unemployed

Here's something I'm trying to understand, how is it that the +GOP continues to think they have no open microphone to the public whenever they make racist or other hate-filled comments about the unemployed? This never seizes to intrigue me.

Look, everyone knows this as an unwritten rule about interacting with others, going back to at least middle school: never kick someone when they're down. That's like one of the many unwritten rules that governs our lives. Apparently, I have to see the +GOP get that memo. More on that another time.

Anyway, I read an Op-Ed article on +The New York Times written by +Paul Krugman, attempting to explain the raging hate of the unemployment by the right-wing. Read it for yourselves, and repost it. Also go to Paul's page on either +Google++Facebook, or +Twitter, and tell him what you think.

This is +Jgsf1987 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dealing wth Interstate 280

I have to say that I'm absolutely heartened by the fact that +California Highway Patrol is going to look into my concern over drivers going too slow for safe transport on Interstate 280 in San Francisco, specifically between the I-280/US-101 interchange and the I-280/CA-1 interchange.

Even better is that +Stanley Roberts of +KRON 4's also in on the action. That's from messaging him on +Facebook this morning.

Enclosed is the exchange I had with the +California Highway Patrol on +Twitter:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Google On Net Neutrality & Other News Stories

If there's anything to be ecstatic over, it's that Google came out wholeheartedly in favor of net neutrality. This speaks volumes, especially because now the various Internet Providers (Comcast, AT&T, etc.) will have to rethink their attempt to hold the rest of us hostage for higher profits. That's not going to happen now that Google stepped in, and I can now say with 100% certainty, Big Telecom/Big Cable may back off from killing net neutrality. Reminds me, this pic shows the reaction to Big Telecom's scheme:
In other news, yesterday was the 13th anniversary of 9/11, a day that many of us will remember for our entire lives. It should be a reminder to everyone that there are always individual actors with nihilistic ideologies seeking to kill innocents, but mainly that there are always new opportunities to connect with people of all walks of life. This is what America should be: Individuals seeking to build a more inclusive and perfect union. That's why we need to worry about ISIS becoming strong enough to really cause mass murder.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why We Need To Pull Together For Net Neutrality, Our Civil/Voting Rights, And Cracking Down On Corporate Tax-Cheating/Tax-Dodging

Everyone, this is almost do-or-die time, as the election on November 4 is coming up very soon, in a little more than 2 months. I have 3 important issues that I think need to come under consideration here, and why they need to be our driving force to vote.

To start off, we need to understand as to why we need Net Neutrality. Various groups like the +Electronic Frontier Foundation+Fight for the Future+rootsaction, and +Netroots Nation have been fighting tooth and nail to preserve reliable access to all content across the internet and are teaming up with other various groups like +People For the American Way and +Common Cause, to preserve a balanced playing field. If companies like +Comcast and +AT&T continue their war on net neutrality and succeed, it has the potential of causing the economy to come to a virtual standstill. To put it in a simpler way: a lot of business is currently conducted on the internet, and slow speeds will have an adverse affect of causing small businesses and independent entrepreneurs (i.e., musicians like +Connie Lim and +KatieColeOfficial) to lose more opportunities to conduct sales and/or be able to make ends meet.

Next, I think this is an issue that really needs to come up, and come up with a strong sense of urgency. For those who've read and/or watched the news on Michael Brown/Ferguson, I'm sad to say that it's not a one-time incident to see a young African American (Black) gentleman killed by a cop, especially one who is European American (White), or that young Black men are grouped together as a class of criminals. Let me say this, most are not. However, the most disgusting part of the whole picture is that this overblown police militarization has also started showing signs of returning White supremacy. This is completely bogus and is starting to head into the area of bringing the Black community back into second-class citizenship. No way is this a form of progress.

The incident in Ferguson gave us a real wake-up call following the Trayvon Martin murder simply by giving us an insight into how badly we've strayed from our core value of equality under the law. We still have ways to go, and it's telling us that we need to fight to reclaim our civil rights. It's also exposed the true character of the +GOP in that they've started moving towards re-implementing Jim Crow. Part of this is through vote suppression, which we've seen in states like Texas and Florida.

Lastly, we need to start doing something about corporate inversion, specifically to dodge US corporate income taxes. As we've all seen, +BURGER KING just inverted its corporate citizenship to Canada. This practice needs to be reined in now! We can't get anywhere to solving this with the +House Republicans holding control of the House of Representatives.

This is +Jgsf1987 with a simple message: Go Vote This November 4.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Comcast Should Be A Raceiteering Influenced Corporation

Gah, +Comcast has about the worst of all services available both for customers and their internet/telephone/television. Seriously, it's time to get them indicted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) since they do nothing, but handle their business dealings in an almost criminal manner.

And now look at them! They're trying, along with +AT&T and other cable giants, to kill net neutrality. Killing net neutrality is about the stupidest thing they could do. What's the point in paying more to have slow internet, and then almost impossibly more for reasonable access? This is absolutely nuts and would have an almost adverse affect of bringing small business to its knees. Believe it or not, 97% of all businesses in this country are small, not big, and slow internet will undoubtedly kill their ability to continue operations. In addition, no private consumer will be able to afford any kind of access. And this affect will be even worse. Seriously, it's time to stand up to Comcast and AT&T, and their cohorts, and tell them HELL NO!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Comcast & Big Cable's Big Mistake

Well, seems as if +Comcast and company, via Big Cable, have thought that they could scam us into a two-tier payment system for internet access. Dead wrong, and now they've woken a sleeping giant in the American people and various groups fighting to keep net neutrality. That's right, I'm talking about groups like +Fight for the Future+Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc. Hell, let's throw +rootsaction in, just for argument's sake. Anyway, the point is this: it's time to tell companies like Comcast, +AT&T+Verizon FiOS+Time Warner Cable, that it's time to end the games and to keep the net the way it is, open for everyone at the same dang speed. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I've been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with various celebrities taking it on and passing on the torch. I've been touched by the videos and their huge effect on raising awareness of ALS, which stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (the actual name of Lou Gehrig's Disease), since a close friend of mine was inflicted with this terrible condition. I feel that I must do a special shoutout to figures like Mark Zuckerberg and Katie Cole, and say thanks for doing your part to help raise awareness.

I haven't decided if I'm going to do the challenge or not, but I can say that I'll think about maybe doing a fund-drive or looking for a charity to donate to. I'll post my final thought when I'm done thinking it out.

This is Jgsf1987.

Mideast quiets down

I'll say with a degree of cautious optimism that the fighting in the Mideast has ended and that it won't reflare for a short while. Still, it's important to note that unless Israel under +Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership changes course in terms of the settlements, and attempts to occupy both the West Bank and Gaza, another flare-up will happen. Israel has weakened Hamas, but not very fully, as it still has some strength to fight another war. However, demographics are not on Israel's side long-term, as there are fewer Jews than Arabs giving birth in the area known as Israel/Palestine. Additionally, many Israeli Jews are leaving Israel primarily to avoid serving in the +Israel Defense Forces. Others are leaving from being fed up with the Orthodox rabbinate kowtowing to the Ultra-Orthodox community on social and economic issues.

To those who are not familiar with Israeli politics, let me say this: the damage done by +Likudnik - ליכודניק and other right-wing parties in Israel is very similar to that done by the +GOP and other right-wing groups here in America. Many in Israel have quit trusting Likud primarily because they see Israel becoming more isolated from its primary ally on the world stage. Think about it, +Barack Obama's administration has become less and less willing to blindly follow Israel's foreign policy objectives in the Mideast. As a matter of fact, the Obama Administration has been more outspoken about Israeli militarism to the point of almost directly calling Netanyahu to task of explaining why Israel will continue to sabotage any further peace talks.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reason to Renew the Export-Import Bank Charter

To all those who work in small business, or are just trying to put their mark on the global economy, watch and listen to +Barack Obama in this week's weekly address. President Obama couldn't be clearer in explaining that letting the charter for the Export-Import bank expire would give many of you a harder time getting your goods and/or services abroad, either in big business or small. Just understand that should the +House Republicans and +Senate GOP not allow any renewal, it could end up hitting you very heavily in your wallets.

It's time to join the President in telling Congress, specifically the Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to do their jobs.

This is +Jgsf1987.

Video Source: +The White House

Earthquake in San Francisco Bay Area

I know: San Francisco, Earthquake. Almost makes one think of that big one in 1989. Well, the good news is that this was not as powerful, only a 6.0, compared to the 6.9 or 7.1 in '89. However, this was much shallower, and lasted longer, and unlike that of '89, this came from the Hayward Fault, I believe.

Comcast Playing Games Again

Oh gee, isn't this a surprise...not! Flipping Comcast has yet to get its act together whenever it's billing customers. One would think that customer service & billing actually talk to each other, but they don't. So now to deal with a company of bureaucrats whose heads are in their wallets.

Friday, August 22, 2014

KKK Infilitrates Republican Party & Tea Party

From reading an article on +Addicting Info, it seems like the +Ku Klux Klan's official platform has become intertwined with the +GOP and +The Tea Party's official platforms. How can one be surprised by this development? Anyway, read the article for yourselves and don't be too shocked on its content. Think of all the b******t you hear from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachmann. This is where it comes from.


Original Source: +Addicting Info

The Reason Not To Put Troops Back In Iraq

Seeing the coverage of how brazen the Islamic State (IS) has become, it would get many of us thinking that we need troops on the ground taking the fight back to them. This is a mistake, as any US Military presense will only embolden the IS militants. At the same time, there are other militant groups taking on the IS, such as Turkey's PKK (Kirdish Worker's Party), which would effectively turn the US Military into a sitting target.

Letting the PKK take on the IS is a much better option in the sense that like many other militias in the area, who have either been taking on each other or the ruling regime in the state they inhabit, they see the IS as a cancer that needs to be taken out. The United States should simply provide air cover and try to clear a pathway to move the civilians caught in the crossfire out of harm's way.

A final note to make is that there is no military solution to dealing with ISIS, there's only a political one, and that can come only with a unified political voice from the Iraqi people themselves. The Iraqis of all stripes (Sunni, Shi'ite, Kurd, etc.) should feel that they have a voice in their own governance. This was a direct failure of Nouri al-Maliki.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson Under Seige

Apparently from reading an article on +ABCNews' website, the town of Ferguson, MO, is under seige. And actually, it's by the city's police force, looking to keep the protests from spreading further about the botched investigation of Michael Brown's killer, an officer of the Ferguson PD. As a matter of fact, the situation's gotten so out of whack, that a gentleman, who goes by the name haiku_rs on +Instagram, has been documenting the ongoing struggle to seek justice for Michael Brown.

Some of the photos are just amazing, yet haunting at the same time due in part to the obvious overt racism on display by Ferguson's police. However, I need to make note of the fact that while +Ferguson Police do have a history of racism in enforcing the law, they're not the only department. Basically, what's going on in Ferguson, is a universal problem all over America. There are too many law enforcement agencies still bogged down with racialized criminal profiling. This particular aspect needs to change, and change immediately.

Feeling out of control

I think I'll take a break from talking politics for a brief posting, as I need to say that I'm feeling out of control. Don't worry about me doing something dumb, I'm not planning on that. It's just some circumstances have happened where I've been more reactive than proactive, and I just hate that feeling. It sucks. However, there's not much to do about it.

Just understand, we all have these days, even your's truly, Jgsf1987. Anyway, this shall pass and I'll be back to hitting fast at the GOP, once again.

Thanks for understanding and reading. This is Jgsf1987, out!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More News On The Kookieness Of Our Nation's Far Right Wing

Ha! That title as apparently one can see, doesn't adequately explain the wholeness of the far-right these days.

First off, we need to address one key fact here. Not all Republicans or conservatives are die-hard supporters of the True-Believer/Tea-Party wing of the +GOP. Let's be clear on that. I'm sure that many of you, like myself, know people who are registered Republicans and are not these unreasonable types as the faction mentioned above. I can say this off-hand, as I'm related to one (one who happens to be a fiscal conservative).

Now with that settled, here's what's going on. Apparently there's been a large amount of trolling on both +Twitter and +Instagram aimed towards Robin Williams' daughter. Again much of what it had to do with is Robin's activism in liberal politics. However, a lot of it got downright personal to the point of Zelda largely leaving her accounts dormant. Additionally, there's been talk of Robin Williams taking his own life due to the liberalism on display by none other than +Barack Obama. That's about as bogus as ever.

However, that's not the craziest among the stories. I've noticed that the case involving the death of Michael Brown, there's been a few rather crazy developments. First off, I've read on +Raw Story that the Ku Klux Klan has mounted a fundraising effort for the shooting officer's legal defense. Their claim is that they need to defend a hero who took out a "thug" (direct Klan quote of what they called Brown). This is an exact replay of what happened with Treyvon Martin back in 2012 or Oscar Wild in 2007. The fact still remains, racism is still abound in this country. More so than people could ever imagine. However there's a couple of other articles that I think people ought to read here. One article from DeadSpin shows that many still hold the view that America is a Whites only nation. Don't be so shocked by this, it's fairly common in many parts of America. There's another article from Gawker, which explains clearly that even though Brown was not armed when the police officer in question shot him, his situation is not unusual for young African-American men. Actually it's a tragic and all too familiar narrative, police come in and shoot young Black man. Senseless, and playing to the very reason why we need to do more to make society aware of the deadliness of White Supremacy, when combined with the declaration that we as Americans need to armed to the teeth. I'm sure about 1 thing, those 2 statements are bogus, plain and simple. It's just whack to think that if we could put Blacks in their place then there'd be less of them showing up dead in our news lines. Yeah, that's like racism 101 to believe that.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Something needs to break through

I can report on the news all day long, just like I can report on how life sucks. However, that doesn't really solve the issue of how to make it suck less.

First off, yeah, the whole thing with the Middle East is screwed up. This is primarily because of the power vacuum left over from the invasion of Iraq during the Bush Administration and this is just one portion of why going in there was a bad idea. Now we have ISIS running amok in Northern Iraq and along the pourous border with Syria. However, that's not a complete surprise, as Saddam's removal basically created this vacuum, and if one thinks about it, Bush, Sr.'s reasoning for keeping Saddam in place was because he knew this was how the scenario of his removal would play out. For all those who want to paint me as defending the tyrant Saddam Hussein, let me tell you this, I'm not! Saddam was a tyrant to his people and was an international criminal. While those two previous points stated are 100% true, it wasn't enough of a reason to take him out, nor did it have any strategic sense. The lack of strategic sense comes out of the fact that Saddam was armed by us to bloody up Iran just after the Shah fled and the Ayatollahs took over. If anything, Iran was scared of Saddam as he fought an eight-year war against them.

Then again, there's also the fact that the war between Israel and Gaza has finally started to wind down, to a point. However, for this current cease-fire, I'd be amazed if it even allows some kind of breakthrough for a political solution. I'm not optimistic that either Israel or Palestine (really Gaza) will be able to make some kind of political accord to end the violence cycles. Actually the real guilty party of not allowing a political accord in this sense is Israel, for continuing to prevent a unified voice for the Palestinians. Go figure that Hamas would go all out on Israel, their backs are to the wall, and so they really feel like they've got nothing to lose.

But to get back to my earlier point, there's nothing worthwhile about continuing to sit back and complain and then do nothing to try to resolve my situation or for anyone with their own. We need to realize that in order to make something more functional, the will to do so has to come from within. There's no use blaming outside factors, or getting stuck in, "what-ifs". It's time to go forward, and to make it, something needs to break through.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ann Coulter's Royally Screwed

Holy Cow! I never thought I'd see the day that Ann Coulter's screwed herself over royally. From what I've seen on +Addicting Info, she's managed to piss off almost the entire conservative Evangelical sphere of the right by blasting one of their own (Dr. Kent Brantly) for taking a missionary trip to Africa in areas heaviest hit by Ebola and contracting the disease. I'm sure she meant to say that he should have put more thought into doing missionary work in the region due to the outbreak, but it seems like that message got garbled up when she tried to blame +Barack Obama and the Democrats. Saying that they should be doing missionary work in America instead of Africa is just whack.

Source: +Addicting Info

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bomb Threats in San Francisco and Oakland

Okay, let me start by saying that I'm getting tired of hearing about bomb threats in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is getting more absurd by the second. Luckily, both turned out to be fakes, but how many fakes will we get before there's a real one? And if there is a real one, how many are likely to be injured and/or killed? This is my concern, and why it's pissing me off as well.

I really wish that someone in law enforcement would capture the wise individual and/or group that is behind these acts. I'd like to know who they're backed by and what their motivation is. Right now, I can't claim that it's terrorism, and I won't. I will say that this is making it difficult for me to get to work, especially when trying to ride the +Bay Area Rapid Transit system downtown.

There's been 2 incidents that have happened this week. The first was last night in Oakland, on an +Alameda Contra Costa Transit bus just outside of the West Oakland +Bay Area Rapid Transit station. The other just happened a few hours ago, just outside the +San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency/+Bay Area Rapid Transit station at Montgomery street in San Francisco.

As I said before, I hope that someone can find this character and arrest them. We need to know who they're affiliated with.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

SoCal Lightening Strikes

I'll start by saying that there's been a few stories in the local news here in the San Francisco Bay Area of some fairly frequent lightening strikes down in Southern California, especially near the Los Angeles Metro Area. The latest has happened near Venice Beach, of which I'd have to look at a map to see if that's close to Los Angeles or not. If it is, just drop me a comment and I'll be happy to look into it.

I will say that I'm becoming concerned for a few reasons. One is that I have family down in SoCal, so I just wish for them to be safe. The other reason is a good friend of mine, +KatieColeOfficial, a hella kickass singer, lives down in SoCal as well. To those who are unfamiliar with +KatieColeOfficial, just check out her channel on +YouTube, and you'll see why she's an amazing singer.

This may be because of climate change, or the fact that because of that 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami shifted the Eart 1.3 degrees off of its axis. Then again, there's been a fair amount of tropical depression activity as of recently along the Mexican Pacific Coast. I don't know, but what I do know is, I hope that +KatieColeOfficial is safe. I just wish her well so that she can be out there singing for us.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ceasefire between Israel & Hamas

In all the craziness that happened in the Middle East between Israel & Hamas will finally let up for 72 hours. This is necessary to provide the people with much needed humanitarian relief. Good for Barack Obama and John Kerry, along with Ban Ki-Moon, in getting the fighting to end.

End the Violence

Continuing to hear about the ongoing violence in this most recent flare-up between Israel and Hamas, just infuriates me even more. The whole operation in Gaza looks to me like a massive landgrab. More on that at a different time.

In the meantime, I recently saw a newsflash from Newsy that Israel's just hit more UN schools in Gaza. What's so infuriating is that the schools run by the +United Nations, specifically the +UNRWA, should be specifically avoided for targetting. The schools sheltered thousands of Palestinian refugees trying to escape from the violence. However, what's more sickening is that many soldiers from the +Israel Defense Forces (aka, the Israeli military) are actively killing civilians out of revenge for their lost comrades. This is not how one conducts a war! Shouldn't the words, "Never Again", mean something?

Even with that being said on Israel's part, for Hamas the criticism for them is even more scathing. Hamas has done nothing but shown pigheadedness of its own to the suffering of the people of Gaza. What's worse is that they're actively turning those civilians in Gaza into human shields, which is directly in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

It's time to end this violence. It's time for the United States of America to put its foot down, on the part of both +Barack Obama and John Kerry, and demand an end to these massacres.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I need to take a brief break from politics to make this accurate statement: moving blows. Luckily I'm about 100% done, but it feels so unneedingly stressful.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Replay of 2008-9

Well Israel and Hamas are at it again, same replayed scenario of 2008-9. I'm not entirely surprised of this chain of events as both sides made numerous threats and warnings of ensuing war.

Recent events show another ground war, and one that will inevitably lead to more unnecessary carnage. Hamas has received numerous warnings from both President Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab state leaders that if they don't get the various militant factions under control, they'd be inviting an Israeli invasion. Obviously, Hamas does not retain the capability to hold off the Israeli miltary for very long, nor the fire power necessary to carry on mass resistance as it pledged. However, Israel is not entirely innocent in this regard either, but more on that later.
As for the Israeli position in this current crisis, it is correct in saying no one should live in a situation of continual rocket fire. Additionally, there is truth in saying that Israel has every right to defend itself. On one more historic fact about the Jewish people as a whole, if we're attacked we fight back until we've exhausted the life out of ourselves, and we take the words, "Never Again," as being the reason that we will not let anyone try to harm us.  However, it does not excuse going overboard in retaliation strikes. Nor does it excuse the bombing deaths of kids.

Based off what I've seen online on CNN (via Youtube), it's fairly obvious that the political leadership has thought they can kill as many civilians as possible. The video is fairly graphic, so it's not for those who may become queasy from watching this kind of scene. These are Israeli military strikes in Gaza, only the people killed in this video were kids playing on the roof of their house. I'd hate this to be the scene that we see if we were attacked like this.
This is not to say that Israelis are in a cycle of fear and anguish of their own. They are, as a number of Hamas militants attempted to enter Israel through a tunnel connecting it to Gaza. Daily Rocket barrages and fears of attempted kidnappings are a daily reality many face in Southern Israel. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Reason To Vote In November

The more stories I see on Facebook and Twitter about the +GOP's constant acts of sheer malice and unadulterated corruption, the more I realize that in order to keep the far-right from doing more damage is to vote +The Democrats back in complete control of Congress. We don't have time or money to waste dealing with continual Republican sideshows.

Take the latest example of +John Boehner launching a lawsuit against President +Barack Obama for seemingly not enforcing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as the +Affordable Care Act, or +Obamacare) . Let me say this, it has no basis in fact and is unmeritted to say the least. At most, there is no standing due to the fact that no one in Congress is seemingly injured by Obama's decision to delay certain aspects of the ACA until after the election and have shown absolutely no proof that the President is willingly ignoring it, altogether. This is a classic example of constitutional checks and balances, and who has authority in which area. In this case, implementing and enforcing laws is within the sole hands of President Obama, who along with his administration, have wide discretion as to how they seek to put the law into effect. Speaker Boehner and the +House Republicans have no standing in this case, as they have failed to enact even one piece of legislation to enable faster implementation.

The example above is one such reason why we need to head to the polls in November. If anything +Reince Priebus and the +GOP are hoping we sit this election out, this way they can continue to sell our nation to the billionaire who makes the best offer, in addition to implementing a theocratic state on us. We can't let this happen.
This is +jgsf1987 telling you to go vote this year.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Endless Bloodshed

I write this in part to the ongoing bloodshed between Israel and Hamas. I don't condone the killing of 4 teenagers (3 Israelis and 1 Palestinian), as I want to express my deepest sympathies to the families. One important note to put out there: 2 of the teens (1 of the Israelis and the sole Palestinian) were US Citizens, which in my mind makes it even more infuriating. A group of extremists from Gaza kidnapped the 3 Israelis and brutally murdered them, and the response by Israeli settlers in the West Bank was just as vile, where they abducted a Palestinian boy and lit him on fire upon arriving in a forest outside Jerusalem. It was only a matter of time before the Palestinian teenager would die from his burns, which covered 90% of his body.

Even though I understand the motivation of +Benjamin Netanyahu and the +Israel Defense Forces to end the terror caused by Hamas, collective punishment of the people of Gaza is not the way to do it. The fact is that the people of Gaza have nowhere to hide and most are not even affiliated with Hamas, or other extremist networks, such as the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade. Even so, Hamas must abandon the practice of using Gazans as human shields. So in this case, both sides are to blame. But most of the blame, in my eyes, falls on Israel. Here's why: for too long Israel has retained its illegal occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, only pulling out of Gaza in 2005. Moreover, Israel continues to build settlements in areas Palestinians hope to use for a state. I understand that demographics will need to shape how final borders will look, but for there to be a final determination of such factors, there needs to be a permanent freeze on settlement construction. Not to mention, it violates the laws of war, which I believe I made clear in a previous post. In no way does Israel have the right to demand recognition and simultaneously demand the right to deny recognition to the Palestinians and to settle their land.

A number of Israeli policies are perpetuating this endless cycle of violence. So until the extreme zionists and ultra-orthdox lose their grip on Israeli society, this cycle will continue. The same goes for Wahabists and Salafis in the Palestinian territories, mostly the Wahabis. Once their grip loosens, as well as those who express extreme Arab nationalism, can moderates from the Palestinian side be able to move the process forward, as well as on the Israeli side.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Comcast's Gameplaying And The Need To End It. The Narration Of A Pissed Off Customer.

There's a lot to be desired about +Comcast, and its services, but when it comes to customer service, let me say this. What customer service? What caring about the inconviences the customer faces on a constant basis? That's the point, they don't care in the least, just happy to take the customer's money, but not do anything to help them when things break down.

But it's worse than that, they will actually hold onto a customer's monthly payment, and charge them double the next.

On my end, I found out that +Comcast killed our internet/tv service due to catching them double billing. Needless to say, I was pissed as heck. And to have them playing games with someone's money, be it mine or another's, should be downright prosecutable. I'd like to see either the +Federal communication Commission fine +Comcast, or have the +Federal Bureau of Investigation, in tandem with the +United States Attorneys, prosecute it under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

I think that this story from Addicting Info explains the case along with this meme below.

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