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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Update on the NBA Racism Fiasco

From just about all outlets, both in the mainstream and alternative media, the commissioner of the +NBA+Adam Silver, announced that the league was banning the owner of the +Los Angeles Clippers+Donald Sterling, for life and ordered him to disassociate himself from any franchise elements. This is a move I heavily applaud, as racism has no place in the +NBA, nor should it be tolerated when it comes up. And it's not just in the +NBA where it shouldn't be tolerated, racism should never receive any toleration in any sphere of American daily life. It's a burden from our past that we need to embrace and by taking on this burden, we should try to open our eyes to the experiences of people on the receiving end of it. The sooner we have this discussion, the better. We need to do so to learn from our past so that we don't repeat it again.

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