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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

White Supremacism Taking On Nazi-esque Themes And New Lows From The Far-Right

Somehow, whenever anything happens that seems to have to do with penalizing someone who's White for breaking the law, the racialist-right goes absolutely nuts. Take for example the Cliven Bundy case: on the nose, it's an open and shut case of where the typical rancher has to pay a fine for not paying fees to graze cattle on federal land. Another factor to bear in mind is that approximately 80% of all land in Nevada is federally owned (nearly 20% more than the next state in line Utah), and when ranchers graze cattle in the area, they have to pay an annual fee to get a permit in order to let their cattle graze there, and Bundy had not been paying the fees annually nor the fines from the racked up fees, and so he was forcibly evicted from the area.

However, what has me concerned is that there's been some figures who've backed Bundy, have also declared their intention to bring women and children as human shields. This reminds me exactly of the type of extremism that we purportedly tried to fight off in the Middle East, with only some temporary success. Still, it makes me sick to hear of Americans, specifically those from the right-wing, championing this. This is not principled conservatism, this is just outright insanity. To think that this is mainstream is even more sickening to me.

It should be time for the American public to rise up and call out the right for continually calling for violence. It's not the American way, and to say that Democracy is Socialism, and that "Americanism" is dictatorship, bullshit! This is way we need to shut down the funding to +The Tea Party, and end their reign of violent "credibility".

This is +jgsf1987, Share this among your friends and families.

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