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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Bout Of Racism & Racial Discrimination Courtesy Of The South

Honestly, this again? How am I not surprised that it's coming out of the South of all places, specifically Tennessee? No, this should not raise many eyebrows at all, considering the history of some of the most violent expressions of racism coming out the South, and the mandating of Jim Crow from 1877-1964.

Anyway, this story is coming out of a cotton gin factory in Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. The company in question, Atkinson Cotton Warehouse, has a lead supervisor with a history of making racist statements and engaging in racial discrimination against black employees. I applaud both of them for recording their boss' racist commentary and using it to file charges with the +U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is 2014 for crying out loud, not 1954! Just because the South wants nothing to do with Civil Rights legislation, and everything to do with White Supremacy, is not a reason to bring back Jim Crow and all of its violence.

Here's the video, take a look.

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