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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Mack

The whole situation with +Tracy Morgan  and James McNair (aka Jimmy Mack) is tragic and infuriatingly senseless at the same time. I'll say a large RIP to Jimmy Mack, as it was too soon for this to have happened. At the same time, I wish +Tracy Morgan a speedy recovery, and hope that he'll be able to hold on. What's so senseless is why the driver, Kevin Roper, had to be out on the road, if fatigue was getting to him, but it also speaks less to Roper's responsibility, than it does about +Walmart's. +Walmart is the chief responsible party for this, in my eyes, knowing its consistant flouting of labor laws and other safety regulations. While I'm heartened that +Walmart is taking responsibility for Roper causing the crash, I believe the police, specifically the FBI, and in some cases the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, should be looking at whether this is a common practice. If this is, then +Walmart ought to be charged with vehicular murder in the 1st degree of Jimmy Mack. Not to mention, it should be forced to suspend any and all operations in America because, it's becoming apparent in my eyes that they have absolutely no regard for public safety if they're going to be making their drivers stay on the road fatigued. This is why it's so senseless, a major American company seems to put now be putting profits above public (both labor and potential customer) safety, and this is just flat-out absurd.

Just a little note:
I do not have the facts, and this post will be revised as the facts come out. I encourage everyone not to take my words as the literal truth of the matter, and to do some independent research. I'm going to do some myself, on +Google and on Bing. I encourage all to do so, too. We need to get the facts and make our judgments off of them.

By looking on +Google, apparently it proved my point that the driver, Kevin Roper, was facing driver-fatigue from going over 24 hours without any sleep. My only concern now is whether this is a pattern on +Walmart's part, and if it is, it needs to end.

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