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Friday, July 18, 2014

Replay of 2008-9

Well Israel and Hamas are at it again, same replayed scenario of 2008-9. I'm not entirely surprised of this chain of events as both sides made numerous threats and warnings of ensuing war.

Recent events show another ground war, and one that will inevitably lead to more unnecessary carnage. Hamas has received numerous warnings from both President Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab state leaders that if they don't get the various militant factions under control, they'd be inviting an Israeli invasion. Obviously, Hamas does not retain the capability to hold off the Israeli miltary for very long, nor the fire power necessary to carry on mass resistance as it pledged. However, Israel is not entirely innocent in this regard either, but more on that later.
As for the Israeli position in this current crisis, it is correct in saying no one should live in a situation of continual rocket fire. Additionally, there is truth in saying that Israel has every right to defend itself. On one more historic fact about the Jewish people as a whole, if we're attacked we fight back until we've exhausted the life out of ourselves, and we take the words, "Never Again," as being the reason that we will not let anyone try to harm us.  However, it does not excuse going overboard in retaliation strikes. Nor does it excuse the bombing deaths of kids.

Based off what I've seen online on CNN (via Youtube), it's fairly obvious that the political leadership has thought they can kill as many civilians as possible. The video is fairly graphic, so it's not for those who may become queasy from watching this kind of scene. These are Israeli military strikes in Gaza, only the people killed in this video were kids playing on the roof of their house. I'd hate this to be the scene that we see if we were attacked like this.
This is not to say that Israelis are in a cycle of fear and anguish of their own. They are, as a number of Hamas militants attempted to enter Israel through a tunnel connecting it to Gaza. Daily Rocket barrages and fears of attempted kidnappings are a daily reality many face in Southern Israel. 

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