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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Reason To Vote In November

The more stories I see on Facebook and Twitter about the +GOP's constant acts of sheer malice and unadulterated corruption, the more I realize that in order to keep the far-right from doing more damage is to vote +The Democrats back in complete control of Congress. We don't have time or money to waste dealing with continual Republican sideshows.

Take the latest example of +John Boehner launching a lawsuit against President +Barack Obama for seemingly not enforcing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as the +Affordable Care Act, or +Obamacare) . Let me say this, it has no basis in fact and is unmeritted to say the least. At most, there is no standing due to the fact that no one in Congress is seemingly injured by Obama's decision to delay certain aspects of the ACA until after the election and have shown absolutely no proof that the President is willingly ignoring it, altogether. This is a classic example of constitutional checks and balances, and who has authority in which area. In this case, implementing and enforcing laws is within the sole hands of President Obama, who along with his administration, have wide discretion as to how they seek to put the law into effect. Speaker Boehner and the +House Republicans have no standing in this case, as they have failed to enact even one piece of legislation to enable faster implementation.

The example above is one such reason why we need to head to the polls in November. If anything +Reince Priebus and the +GOP are hoping we sit this election out, this way they can continue to sell our nation to the billionaire who makes the best offer, in addition to implementing a theocratic state on us. We can't let this happen.
This is +jgsf1987 telling you to go vote this year.

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