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Monday, August 11, 2014

Something needs to break through

I can report on the news all day long, just like I can report on how life sucks. However, that doesn't really solve the issue of how to make it suck less.

First off, yeah, the whole thing with the Middle East is screwed up. This is primarily because of the power vacuum left over from the invasion of Iraq during the Bush Administration and this is just one portion of why going in there was a bad idea. Now we have ISIS running amok in Northern Iraq and along the pourous border with Syria. However, that's not a complete surprise, as Saddam's removal basically created this vacuum, and if one thinks about it, Bush, Sr.'s reasoning for keeping Saddam in place was because he knew this was how the scenario of his removal would play out. For all those who want to paint me as defending the tyrant Saddam Hussein, let me tell you this, I'm not! Saddam was a tyrant to his people and was an international criminal. While those two previous points stated are 100% true, it wasn't enough of a reason to take him out, nor did it have any strategic sense. The lack of strategic sense comes out of the fact that Saddam was armed by us to bloody up Iran just after the Shah fled and the Ayatollahs took over. If anything, Iran was scared of Saddam as he fought an eight-year war against them.

Then again, there's also the fact that the war between Israel and Gaza has finally started to wind down, to a point. However, for this current cease-fire, I'd be amazed if it even allows some kind of breakthrough for a political solution. I'm not optimistic that either Israel or Palestine (really Gaza) will be able to make some kind of political accord to end the violence cycles. Actually the real guilty party of not allowing a political accord in this sense is Israel, for continuing to prevent a unified voice for the Palestinians. Go figure that Hamas would go all out on Israel, their backs are to the wall, and so they really feel like they've got nothing to lose.

But to get back to my earlier point, there's nothing worthwhile about continuing to sit back and complain and then do nothing to try to resolve my situation or for anyone with their own. We need to realize that in order to make something more functional, the will to do so has to come from within. There's no use blaming outside factors, or getting stuck in, "what-ifs". It's time to go forward, and to make it, something needs to break through.

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