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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why The Koch Brothers & Their Friends On The Far-Right Are So Keen On Purchasing America's Sovereignty

Think of the Robber Barons of times old, and you'll be able to understand what we're up against with the Koch Brothers throwing their weight around. Just like during the Gilded Age when wealthy corporate tycoons tried to purchase government influence, the same is happening right now.

Here's another way of explaining it: think of all the arguments made by the Republicans in favor of increased wealth concentration and how it will trickle down to us somewhere down the line. This is the same specious argument they've been making whenever their conservative wing assumes power. The last time anyone remembers the promise of Reganomics, it was that we would see everyone prosper with a lighter money supply. Yeah, 3 decades later, we're still digging ourselves out of a hole due in part to this economic theorum.

Well, combine the explanation for the calls of returning to supply-side economics, with the fact that many of these same wealthy individuals, feel it's their duty to fight the so-called "culture wars", as a means of denying people their rights, or to unleash an unconscienable target for people's pent up rage. This is sickening, and should not be who we are as a people. In any event, this is exactly what the Koch Brothers are looking to do, in addition to some of their friends. Think of the Walton Family of +Walmart as another example of right-wing extremism.

Much of the racism that we're seeing currently (the worst since the 1960s, but nowhere near the severity of the 1870s-1920s) has do with either the Koch Brothers, or one of the many organizations they founded (+American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)+The Cato Institute+Americans For Prosperity), or any of the other billionaires throwing their money around as a means to distract us from revealing their true scheme.

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