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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Keeping In Mind The Mindboggling Mindlessness of the Republicans and Likudniks

Okay, the simple explanation I can give you about the title is that in both America and Israel there's more craziness coming out of the +GOP and +Likudniks than that of Russia and Iran combined. This isn't to dismiss the hardened attempts by Vladimir Putin to rebuild the Soviet Union in more ways than we can imagine, which one can call insane, but that's not the point. The point is that the globalizing of the far-right here in America would put the hardliners elsewhere to shame, even Putin himself. How? Simple, think of all the stunts the Republicans in Congress have pulled to undermine +Barack Obama, particularly with regards to Iran.

I'm not going to say that Iran did anything crazy, and so far they're not going to bother for the sole reason that their economy is crippled very badly from the comprehensive sanctions regime imposed backed in 2010. They'd like these sanctions lifted so they can regrow their economy and so far have been willing to allow intrusive inspections from the IAEA to verify their claims that they're not seeking to build a nuclear bomb. In addition, it's to put the entire international community at ease so they can pursue their right to generate peaceful nuclear electricity and nuclear isotopes for medicinal purposes.

For the Republicans, their insanity is easy enough to explain. They're unwilling to allow anything to happen with Iran unless it's a war with that nation, a war with the goal of regime change. Let me be very clear, we have no leverage in terms of using force on Iran, our military is exhausted from fighting long wars in Afghanistan (13 years) and Iraq (8 years). We don't have the capacity to execute a war, much to the GOP's disdain. The only way to resolve the crisis over Iran's lack of disclosures for its nuclear program is by talking to them.

Which leads me to my next point about the GOP: real cute in penning that op-ed (I'm calling on you Tom Cotton) signed by 47 of the 54 members of the +Senate GOP. There's nothing in terms of the history of the United States Senate, as the +CBS Evening News reported Joe Biden saying in a strongly worded statement. Enclosed is the video, from that segment, via +YouTube. It's easy to understand why +The White House was so livid when they learned about this. However, I'm not so upset by the fact that Cotton even penned that letter, as to do something stupid like that is absolutely expected by a freshman politician. What's pissed me off more than anything is the fact that Mitch McConnell, the Republicans' leader in the Senate signed the letter as well as other senior Republicans like Chuck Grassley and +Senator John McCain, who should have known better than to sign that letter undermining the White House during a time of critical negotiations with Iran. It's easy to see why President Obama and Vice President Biden are livid about this act, in addition to Secretary John Kerry.

This is where Likud (the party of the +Prime Minister of Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu) comes into play. Their playbook is the same as the Republicans', fear-monger and war-monger. To both, only war can resolve this crisis. This is also Likud's stance towards the Palestinians, only force is the means of solving the crisis of their attempts to take Israeli land for a state of their own and their support for Hamas and other "terrorist" networks. And by "their", he means all the Palestinians, which is completely bogus. However, that's not what has me irked about Likud.

Apparently the fear-mongering worked for Likud, who managed to pull of an upset victory in Tuesday's election.

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