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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu Returns To Washington A La Boehner

I don't know how to express my undying fury with +John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu in terms of a beginning. I'll just say this as I see it. Today is a sad day for everyone who worships within the Jewish faith. Netanyahu's constant sabre rattling is going to start WW III (I remember mentioning this in an earlier post) and it's becoming more apparent that he's itching to start it. I know the reason, it's to distract the world away from the crumbling peace process and from continued calls for the genocide of the Palestinians.

In terms of Boehner, that's also simple. It's to get another +GOP President in +The White House and to instill the permanent reign of the far-right wing. And we thought George W. Bush would be the last of these ultra-radicalized, war-mongering conservatives. Nope, not even close. This next crop of Republican Presidential candidates will be even more reactionary than Bush, Jr. ever was. They will make him seem left-wing/center-left and/or centrist in comparison.

Additionally, there's a second reason, which is to undermine +Barack Obama's authority as President of the United States. If anything, it's Boehner's means of throwing a tantrum since Obama's not caving, at all. For Boehner, this would be the best day in his life if he successfully helps Netanyahu undermine and potentially kill off the negotiations to rein in Iran's nuclear program.

I find that Bibi has a problem with honesty, as he helped to lie us into Iraq back in 2002, just like he's trying to do now with Iran in 2015.


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