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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Netanyahu's Electoral Victory Will See The Destruction Of Israel As We Know It

Benjamin Netanyahu's victory in the Israeli election last Tuesday, while impressive only in the sense that it was an upset to Isaac Herzog's Zionist Union, has now done almost irrepairable damage to Israel's standing in the world, especially with it's only true ally/friend, the United States of America. 

I'll be very frank, this is not the first time we've seen a US President say that they're going to be reassessing relations between the United States and Israel. Nor is this the first time it's happened in March. In fact, it's the second. The first was in 1975, when Gerald Ford was President.

The relationship between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu has become so toxic that it's gotten to the point that we no longer trust the Israelis, at least not for the moment. Additionally, Netanyahu's damage has been so extensive to the point that he almost fully inserted himself into the presidential election back in 2012.

However, if that's not enough to turn some heads, he decided to launch a racist diatribe to get people to vote. This is crazy and not how we Jews are taught to treat others. Even as Netanyahu walks back the previous campaign rhetoric, the damage is already done to any credibility for Israel as a full-fledged negotiating partner for Mideast Peace, specifically on the Palestinian sovereignty campaign. Israel, under Likud's leadership, has turned into an aggressor power seeking to engage in ethnic cleansing & genocide.

In addition, think for a minute that he had the Mossad inform Congressional Republicans on the status of the negotiations with Iran in a coordinated effort to completely destroy them. It's as if Israel's far-right controls our nation's foreign policy and can violate our sovereignty with impugnity.

Understand that with Netanyahu as Israel's Prime Minister, it's a matter of when WWIII happens.

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