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Friday, March 13, 2015

Republicans And War Via Israel

Somehow the Republicans' lust for war and especially so in the Mideast says a lot about where their priorities lay. I'm not surprised by the treasonous letter sent by 47 of the 54 Senate Republicans, as they'll do anything to undermine the President. Moreover, it's also not surprising that Republicans in Congress are just not willing to resolve the crisis diplomatically as it takes too long, while war resolves the crisis with Iran quickly and with the added effect of giving them pleasure in seeing innocents die while they profit off their deaths. This may be 1 reason they're colluding with Benjamin Netanyahu to undermine the intense negotiations with Iran.

Also, this plays to the neocons very closely. It's also showing us that they're not done yet, even though George W. Bush is no longer in the Presidency. They're still at work aiming America's guns at Iran, looking to manufacture a crisis to take back the Presidency and fully execute a war alongside Israel. In the end, I'm unsurprised by the amount of wrangling going on with groups like AIPAC, in addition to Congressional Republicans and the Israeli embassy in Washington. It shows the true interconnectedness between the American and Israeli far-right, and the dangerous game of chess they're playing.

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