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Monday, April 6, 2015

Blaming Islam For Terrorism

It's become a self-fulfilled source of irony to blame Islam and its adherents for all acts of terrorism. 90% of devout Muslims are not engaged in any form of terrorism and will readily denounce the nihilistic, self-serving extremists who hijack their faith to justify engaging in acts of violence. If we think about it, other religions face the same problem of a few opportunistic nihilists hijacking their dogma to justify acts of mass murder and injury.

The real irony of blaming Islam for all terror acts is that more and more acts of mass violence are actually the product of Christian extremists looking to start a new set of crusades. Think of how many acts of violence have taken place from the Americas to Africa, Asia, Oceana and throughout Europe in the name of Christianity. In fact, even here at home in America, there's a big problem with Christian extremists. This article from +AATTP's (Americans Against The Tea Party) website lists 8 Christianity-based extremist groups that are just as extreme, or even more so, than ISIS. It says a lot about why Christianity has become the new hot-zone for terrorists, more so than Islam, and why they Christian terror networks make those based on Islam seem sane by comparison.

Again, to re-cap from before, Islam does have a massive problem when it comes to terrorism, but the extent to which it suffers from it is not as widespread as the mainstream media want us to believe. Most Islamic terror acts are generally between the faith's 2 main sects, Sunni and Shi'ite, more so than with other religions like Judaism and Christianity. 

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