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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary's In & GOP is screwed

It seems as if the +GOP has yet to find someone credible to take back +The White House these days once +Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017. Then again, credible seems to be a rather high standard when it comes to the Republican Party, because of how low our standards have become regarding them governing us. I think George W. Bush said it best as, "I am the master of low expectations," when it came to regarding the Republicans' ability to do anything other than legislate hate and theft.

But then again, they're a reflection of us in how we're so badly divided in terms of politics and public policy. It's all thanks to the Southern strategy implemented by Richard 'Tricky Dick' Nixon to exploit the growing divisions within the Democratic party following the start of the breakup of the New Deal Coalition. This is why we're starting to see the far-right expose itself

They're bankrupt of new ideas, other than parroting the lie that trickle-down economics is the best thing to happen to us and we'll eventually see the fruits of our labor that have enriched the wealthiest .2% of Americans, and that the homosexuals, transgendered, blacks, latinos, etc., basically anyone who isn't White Christian is to blame for every problem facing America today.

The only thing the Republicans are succeeding in doing these days is showing how they're making themselves politically irrelevant in high-turnout Presidential elections and only making themselves politcallly releveant in low-turnout midterm elections. Not a winning national strategy. Especially not one against Hillary Clinton. Based on polls for now, she'd blow any Republican out of the water with the sole exception of Jeb Bush, at least in a non-rigged election. I'm absolutely expecting that in 2016, the Republicans will not only try to rig the election, but will do so to make sure that their standard-bearer +Ted Cruz wins in a 538-0 landslide, or something close enough to that. Of course, that's wishful thinking on anyone's part. But I'm still under no illusion that the Republicans will do anything to steal elections through various means of fraud and vote suppression just to continue giving their corporate benefactors our hard-earned tax dollars.

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