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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Republicans' Benghazi Committee May Have Killed Their Chances For The White House In 2016

After watching Hillary Clinton take on the GOP's taxpayer-funded smear campaign (aka the Benghazi Committee), it's made me realize how the Republicans may have just killed their chances for a presidential comeback in 2016. There's no doubt in my mind that even though Hillary's the worst possible choice for TheDemocrats in terms of dealing with the obvious corruption and crony capitalism taking place under our noses, having the Republicans actually force her out during the primaries is more or less a huge advantage for their worst nightmare, Bernie Sanders. I've posted how on Facebook, and I'll share that post here:

From watching the #BenghaziCommittee hearings on C-SPAN, I think that Representative Elijah E. Cummings put it best by...
Posted by Jgsf1987 on Thursday, October 22, 2015
Then again it could strengthen Hillary's hand, but my thinking in this case is that it'll give Bernie the boost he needs to secure the nomination.

My reason for not wanting Hillary to win can be found here. One of the biggest turn-offs also about Hillary is that she's not likely to go after Wall Street (Based on published data from OpenSecretsDC of the Center for Responsive Politics, Hillary's primary big-donors are banks and investment companies). Additionally, she's getting campaign funding from private prison companies such as Corrections Corporation of America. That story from Daily Kos will explain everything. It makes me concerned that she's going to continue the old tough on crime through harsher sentences routine, but saying she's for lighter sentences to appease liberals and progressives. The truth is we need to end the private corrections industry altogether.

That's my reason for backing Bernie, he's beholden to noone. Speaking of which, when he got a $2,700 donation from Martin Shkreli (the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals), he then donated it to a health clinic in Washignton, D.C. By saying no thanks to Shkreli, this is why Bernie's going to be the Republicans' worst nightmare.

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