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Monday, December 26, 2016

Why Donald Trump And Benjamin Netanyahu's Meltdown Over The UN Vote Is No Massive Surprise

No one should be shocked by the abhorrent behavior on display by both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu over the United States' abstention from enabling a UNSC Resolution condemning Israel's continued settlement construction to pass. Both of them are going back to the same tired talking points of why a Palestinian state is too dangerous to enable and that it's Israel's right to continue settlement construction of both the West Bank and East Jerusalem. While this comes as sweet revenge for Barack Obama, the truth of the matter is that the demand that Israel cease settlement construction and follow international law has been U.S. Policy regarding the Mideast going back to Lyndon Johnson's administration and carried on by the 8 presidents that succeeded him. For Obama to order Samantha Powers to abstain displays that it has been an ongoing foreign policy objective to achieve a 2-state solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not some underhanded plot to reject Israel's sovereignty.

So it's no wonder that Netanyahu is exceedingly furious as he and his government are finally starting to be held accountable for their violations of international law. The fact is that the United States can't continue to shield these acts if it's serious about bringing an end to this conflict. There had been ongoing private warnings by Obama and his foreign policy team that there would be consequences for Netanyahu's intransigence, and the abstention was a way of driving that point home. If Israel is really serious about defending a policy that is indefensible, it's only going to isolate itself even further. So to call Obama's order an anti-Semitic act is completely bogus, as the abstention was about upholding international law and the binding agreements to which Israel is a signatory.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What We're In For With Donald Trump As President

Guaranteed that on day 1 in office, there's going to be multiple conflicts of interest regarding Donald Trump and his various business interests. From an article on ThinkProgress, it's not hard to see how much worse the corruption will end up being because of Trump's decision not to put his various business interests into a blind trust. Go ahead and read it for yourselves, and let me know what you think either on here, or on these sites:

that or just drop me an email at:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline Shot Down

While it's heartening to hear that Barack Obama, via the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, just denied a permit for  Energy Transfer Partners LP to commence construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota. This was because of efforts by organizations like Move On and The Wilderness Society to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in protesting ETP's attempt to steal their land to drill for and transport oil. Had a number of veterans not stepped in with their full dress uniforms on, it's very likely that the issue would have not ended in the the Sioux's favor.

Just as an update, ELP has made it clear that they're going to build the pipeline under the Missouri River right by the Sioux's tribal land regardless if it has the permit or not. This is just little more than a clear display of the arrogance that's been on display from many of the largest of corporate titans. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why Donald Trump's Victory In The Presidential Contest Was No Shock/Surprise

If we all take a look at how badly The Democrats screwed up by nominating Hillary Clinton for president, it'll come as no surprise to see how Donald Trump won. The fact is that Hillary and the Democrats ran the most tone-deaf campaign ever in recent memory, calling basically any and all opposition to Hillary sexism. Not that Trump had a clear plan to begin with, but at least he bothered to talk in language that resonated with the same bloc that Bernie Sanders tapped into as well. The only difference being the directionality of where the voters' anger would go. The point being that Hillary's ad hominem argument that all criticism of her was sexist helped to drive many of the same voters that Barack Obama won in 2012 over to Trump.

Post-Mortom Analysis On The Democrats' Loss And How Their Collusion With The Mainstream Corporate Media Enabled Donald Trump's Victory

Given how we're now in the post-election transitionary stage for Donald Trump's upcoming presidency, it's now a good time to reflect on how the DNC's pigheadedness enabled this victory for the far-right. No one should be ignoring the fact that a Trump presidency will certainly be a rallying cry for reinstating White male supremacy together with Jim Crow and Reaganomics. But this is also our moment to get organized to fight against this agenda.

To understand why we're being forced back into this old fight, we need to first look at what enabled this to come back into our political dialog. Much of the bigotry coming out to the forefront is from the anger of being left behind in the global economy. Additionally, that same anger has exploded as another wave of White Rage against Blacks and other minorities for having the audacity of even thinking they have special rights over them. This is complete nonsense as the principle of all men are created equal has been established in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in The Constitution, via the Preamble and 14th Amendment. But the DNC has no credibility left in making this point as they, like the RNC, have been partaking in too many divisive cultural issues. This is all while doing nothing to help the people who were badly struggling to get by. It's been especially true in regards to middle-class and working-class Whites, many of whom voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 & 2012. For Democrats to dismiss these voting groups as little more than, as Hillary Clinton called them, a basket of deplorables, which was a death-sentence-in-waiting at the polls. So it's any wonder that the GOP has control of all 3 branches of the federal government. The Democrats needed to craft their message as being the party that would fight for economic justice, but instead went with divisive identity politics.

The corporate mainstream media didn't help matters by largely being an Orwellian mouthpiece of the Clinton campaign throughout this electoral cycle, often with the same kind of echo-chamber effect that also takes place among right-wing news media. It was no better with many left-wing news media, like The Daily Beast and The Nation. Even The Huffington Post was no better in many respects. Instead of actually reporting on the data they received, they badly misled the public in order to get their candidate (Hillary) elected and used bullying tactics to achieve that goal. Which was why they propped up Trump instead of calling out his overtly bigoted commentary. What they intentionally ignored was the fact he was able to connect with the same voters that Bernie Sanders had tapped into, many of whom were tired and furious about being sidelined and ignored. Besides being tired of being told how to talk, act, etc., they rebelled by voting for Trump. Who can blame them? The point being that the Democrats gave off the aura of entitlement to their votes. That sense of entitlement that came out the Clinton campaign was turning voters off, more so than Trump's bigoted comments.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Frustrating Part Of The Election's Outcome And Sadness For The Setback Of Women's Rights

I can't say enough how saddening it is to see this country take a massive step backward in a sense, and I understand how it's affecting women (especially those whom I'm close to). The way that the election's outcome was a massive step backward for women's rights was by giving powerful mysogynists new ammo to trivialize any incidents of sexism and equate those same incidents with crying wolf. It's going to get a lot more difficult for women's lives here in America.

However, the most frustrating part of the election's outcome was that it was completely avoidable. I wrote a post on here about a month ago detailing how voting for Hillary Clinton was a giant step backward for women rights. For Hillary's campaign to equate any dissent or criticism of her with sexism was enough to hamper the movement for at least a generation or so. I do however want to here your votes though. So hit me up here, or on the links below:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Need To Begin Finding Ways Of Reining In Donald Trump

As the Associated Press just projected, Donald Trump will be our next president when he assumes office in January. So let's roll up our sleeves and find ways of reining him and the GOP in. This means holding both Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell's feet to the fire to make sure that they don't try to sell us out to the highest bidder. We'll see what happens, but we should start organizing ourselves for making sure that we minimize the amount of damage that he'll cause.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Biggest Blunder By The Mainstream Media Since 1948

To hear media figures like Andrea Mitchell, say that they got they got it wrong is a gross understatement. This is their worst slip-up since 1948. They missed the entire surge of populist anger that had fueled both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's campaigns. So their confusion is understandable, but their miss is completely inexcusable. Their miss has completely shot their credibility. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Unsettling Confirmation Of Predicting Hillary's Electoral Loss

I remember that I wrote on here back in April that Hillary Clinton would lose in next week's election, and what's more unsettling is that my prediction was completely accurate. Seeing the whole house of cards come down is just another way of exposing the overall point that Hillary was not fit for office by any means. Yeah, I'll admit she's the most qualified on paper, but the fact is that she's got horrible judgment that's led her to make even worse decisions. We can't have that in a president. Now this isn't to say that Donald Trump is any better, because let's face it, he's too incompetent to be president from being unable to stick to any of his decisions. The fact that he's made openly bigoted and insulting commentary is another reason to disqualify him, too. But we've now got the least competent candidate possible heading into White House, where he shouldn't be in or anywhere near.

But this would not have been the case if The Democrats hadn't been so pigheaded about lining their pockets at the expense of the electorate. That's exactly what happened when they nominated Hillary, a candidate who in reality is even more unqualified than Trump is. And now look at the upcoming aftermath, especially at what will be the complete tarnishing of Barack Obama's legacy when he leaves office in January. And for what? To bring in a major pay-to-play scheme that threatens to undermine American sovereignty just so a newly elected president can line their pockets? Who wants this? Unbelievable! Maybe now with the GOP in complete control, the Democrats will wise up and start to bring down the corruption that's tainted them in the eyes of the American electorate.

The DNC should take to heart that in no way should they take their base's vote for granted. This cuts especially true with progressives and other core constituencies. Without the base, the party can't win elections. This proved true back in 2000, and it's proving true today in 2016.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Why The Arguement That Wikileaks Is An Agency Of The Russian Government Is Bogus

Okay, how many more conspiracy theories being spread by the Clinton campaign am I going to have to disprove tonight? It's like the people in Hillary Clinton's inner circle are looking to release talking points that are absolutely absurd from the very outset and trying to pass them as fact. Which leads to my next point, where's there any proof that Wikileaks is a Russian government agency? Last time I checked, Julian Assange's never revealed any kind of documentation that the Russian government hired him to publish all the material Wikileaks has released thus far. Nor is it relevant, as there's a more likely chance that an insider contacted him as a whistle-blower seeking to expose illegal activity. What is relevant is the documents that Wikileaks has published so far are completely authentic as no one seems to be denying that they're real.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that there's no proof. And the people contacting Assange are doing so to expose a potential cover-up by the Obama Administration to protect Hillary from indictments from violating the Espionage Act regarding her use of a private email server while handling highly classified information when she was the Foreign Secretary (Secretary of State), and themselves from the fact that they knew that she was doing this. So put this on the list of false talking-points being released by the Clinton Campaign, together with both the DNC and its campaign arms, and the White House.

Why The Argument That The Russians Are Trying To Undermine American Sovereignty To Help Donald Trump Win The Election Is Specious

If you've been reading up on the latest stories of how the Russians have been working diligently at undermining American sovereignty and that they're doing so to help Donald Trump win the election in November, I'm afraid that the aforementioned argument is incredibly specious on all accounts. However, before I start breaking down how this argument is specious, I need to give a brief apology as this is the Historian inside of me that's going to be blabbering on. I'll try to make it as brief and concise as I can.

The aforementioned arguement is so badly flawed as it doesn't take into account the successful Illegals program the Russians executed with almost flawless precision during the Cold War and are currently executing in the post-Soviet era. Which begs the question, where's the proof that they're even involved to begin with? Because they execute their spying operations with such precision, they're very careful not to leave any kind of papertrail, or electronic footprint. And it's for this reason that it's never a simple process of tracing any kind of activity back to them.

So unless Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and/or the White House can offer some hard proof that the Russians are working with Wikileaks to get Trump elected, this is yet another conspiracy theory being perpetuated as fact. So keep this in mind as you decide who to vote for on November 8. 

Why Donald Trump Needs To Be Checked For His Extreme Rhetoric

It's become apparent that Donald Trump should really temper his words very carefully since he's going into territory that no one's crossed into since the Red Scare of the early-to-mid 1950's. By continuing to spurt out one conspiracy theory after another is actually having the opposite effect of gaining himself some ground with undecided voters. Basically he's scaring voters with his comments as they sound like he's preaching to the crazies on the far-right by making calls to violence. He honestly needs to quit this act, or otherwise someone can get either hurt/injured or killed.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Why Voting For Hillary Cliton Is A Major Step Backward For Women's Rights

There's no disputing the fact that Hillary Clinton's nomination for President was an historic achievement, but it's at the cost of turning back the clock on women's rights for a generation or more. And for what? For lining her own pockets while empowering the strongest voices of male supremacy and holding the nation hostage in the process? Not if we Millennials can help it, or others can help it. Donald Trump may be one of the worst developments in our nation's history, but what he embodies is the very reality that we'll face when women are subjected to second-class citizenship thanks to Hillary's pigheaded corruption.

Hillary's remaining in the 2016 presidential race given the amount of scandals she's involved in is causing many Americans who would think about voting for a female president to have second thoughts about backing another in the future. Again this is because of the horrifyingly sexist "enabler" term, meaning that a woman would be blamed for her husband's infedelity. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Hillary And Company Will Blame Millennials Should She Lose In November

As Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign continues to implode, there's a realization that she's going to lose in November's election to Donald Trump. When that happens, the first target that both she and the Democrats (along with the corporate mainstream and "progressive" news media) are going to pin the blame on for her loss will be the Millennials. The reason is very clear and simple, Millennials weren't falling for their narrative and scare tactics. Even though a majority of them hold a more unfavorable view of Trump than Hillary, their support for her is dropping. Many young voters are looking into voting for third-party candidates or writing in Bernie Sanders' name to protest their voices being silenced during the primaries and only having their votes taken for granted. Because of their refusal to "get onboard" with a campaign that took their voices from them, Millennials are going to become the target of their elders' rage.

Don't Stay Home In November

There's no other way to put this, staying home on 11/8 is not an option. Doing so only helps to legitimize the ongoing corrupted status quo. Additionally, if you consider yourself as part of the Millennial generation, don't give the corporate mainstream news media the ammunition they crave to demonize us for failing to, "fall in line," with a their pre scripted narrative that this was Hillary's year; thus allowing Donald Trump win the White House. So go vote your conscience in November's election and make your voice heard.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Most Negative Presidential Campaign Since 1884

What we're looking at is the nastiest campaign in over 100 years. No campaign until 2016 can match the ugly presidential race of 1884. The shots fired between S. Grover Cleveland and James G. Blaine through their surrogates made their electoral campaigns about how big of a sleaze-bag the other was, in addition to employing racism as an overall theme. This is the closest possible example in our history to describe the use of racism by Donald Trump's campaign as an electoral strategy is, even if it's completely disgusting and infuriating to most Americans (including the author), a winning one and why Hillary Clinton is powerless to stop Trump from winning.

However, the use of racism is only one of the various themes that make 2016 mirror 1884. Others include reining in the corruption on display in our politics by seeing our elected officials being easily bought by the titans of industry. This is just another example of how 2016 is a near mirror image of 1884. Another factor to take into account is the levels of scandals dogging both major-party candidates. Just as in 1884, the candidates of 2016 have scandals because of their legal ongoing issues. Trump being jammed up for defrauding students at Trump University and plausibly bribing, via political contributions, some state attorneys-general (especially the incumbent Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi) to drop any case against him; while at the same time, Hillary getting embroiled in even worse trouble with being the subject of subject of, or an involved party in, ongoing investigations into her using her private email server when handling classified information and family charities for running a pay-to-play scheme.

By trying to paint Trump in a negative light, Hillary's campaign, to its detriment is quickly losing its credibility with various blocs of the electorate whose support Hillary badly needs in order to win in November. The fact remains that Trump has Hillary's number to the tee, which is why attacking him is a losing strategy. When he brings up the fact that he donated heavily to candidates from both parties (including Hillary) and in return he would get political favors, he'll have an easy time explaining how she's only responsive to the donor class and not the American public at-large. Don't take this as a ringing endorsement of Trump or anyone affliated with him, as he, just like Hillary, is running a con job, but one on a completely different level. The fact is that Trump, like Hillary, is only seeking the presidency to enrich himself at our expense.

Recent Shifts In Polls Just 2 Months From Election Day

Shifting polls comes as no surprise as they tend to fluctuate during campaign season. However, what's new about this current fluctuation is that voters are beginning to agree with Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton is too crooked to be President. For many pollsters this seems somewhat unusual, as Trump had been trailing Hillary by almost 10 points because of many of his statements were scaring voters and the internal turmoil that engulfed his campaign. Currently, it seems as if he's gotten back on track and put together a more professional campaign staff. And thanks to more damaging publicity for Hillary, he now has some fresh fodder to attack her with.

Another factor to bear in mind is that both Trump's recent trip to Mexico and his immediate visit to flood victims in Louisiana, while exposing both Barack Obama and Hillary's dithering as the crisis worsened. As for Mexico, the trip was a prime opportunity for Trump to flash his presidential credentials. These actions are what's giving him the moral high-ground in his attacks against both Obama and Hillary.

As for Hillary, the fact that more revelations came out about her email setup while serving as our nation's highest diplomat is really beginning to derail her campaign. There's no question about the fact that the ongoing releases are casting her out to be both a liar and, in some cases, a criminal. It also points to the fact that she doesn't give a damn about us, or our most pressing issues; nor does it show that she's all that concerned about keeping us or our state secrets safe, either. It's only about keeping her family's pay-to-play scheme out of the public record and public's knowledge, cyber security and protecting state secrets be damned. Not the candidate I want in office.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump Campaign Imploding

It should shock no one that Donald Trump's seems to be imploding from the inside. Of all the chatter that we've been seeing from the last few weeks, it's plausibly safe to say that we're about to witness the final destruction of the John Birch Society-wing of the GOP. This is the wing that sparked the creation of the House Freedom Caucus, which has been holding us all hostage for the past 7 1/2 years. Additionally, it's also the wing that spat out Trump as the GOP's nominated presidential candidate. The fact that the ongoing implosion of the Trump campaign suggests that he may consider dropping out of the race, and make room for a more "qualified/competent" candidate, which leads to this surprising revelation to many voters: Trump really doesn't want to be President of the United States, which explains a lot about all of his "cartoonish" soundbites. There's an article on Aldipest that explains why he actually ran for President, and the reason is actually infuriatingly stupid. The reason he ran for President was for greater bargaining leverage in contract talks with NBC over his television series, The Apprentice. To translate this: he was never a serious contender, and was really caught off guard when he actually had to start forming a list of policy proposals if elected. Basically he's been looking for a way to bow out for the past several months, and the article covers that point, as well. Anyway go check it out, and share your thoughts.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hillary's New Email Issues

It's not lost on anyone that the recently released batch of emails is about to prove more troublesome for Hillary Clinton's campaign than she and the Democrats were letting on. Because of Judicial Watch's FOIA lawsuit, many of these emails contained information of what's starting to look like a pay-to-play scheme. This means that not only had Hillary lied about steering donations to both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative in return for political favors, it's becoming clear that she had completely violated federal record-keeping laws and compromised national security in order to cover this scheme up.

When we start hearing press releases from mainstream news media sources like NPR and the Wall Street Journal, this is a sure sign that Hillary's support is beginning to erode with many swing voters. Even with Donald Trump making an idiot out of himself with more absurd claims, the fact remains that he's just starting to gain credibility; and that's beginning to scare the living hell out of the Democratic National Committee. They know that their scheme to push through Hillary as the honest broker has just been undercut yet again, and so their efforts to salvage what's left of her career of public service aren't helping her in the slightest.

When corruption like this is exposed, it's very difficult to win back the electorate's trust. This is the situation that both Hillary and the Democrats are currently facing. It only bolsters both Trump and the GOP's argument that the Democrats are too risky to trust with maintaining our national security, and are too corrupt to be allowed into any levers of power. Even if Hillary and the Democrats are right on a variety of issues, they've now got no credibility for their case for keeping Democratic control of the White House.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let Us Welcome President Trump

Having heard that Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate is not only an absolute non-surprise, it's also a sign that Establishment Democrats really don't care what the base says since their donors' voices matters more. Anyone with a brain can easily call bullshit on this idiotic mindset. What's clear is that the Democrats have absolutely no plan or vision for the future. Their mindset now is to scare the electorate into voting for Hillary in November by painting Donald Trump as an unhinged lunatic. However, this is not a winning strategy and we're due to see a Trump presidency, like it or not.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Brexit Could Land Donald Trump In The White House

If anyone has been watching the aftermath of Brexit, should try to understand that it's about to have a profound impact on events here at home. Yeah, I'm referencing the election, since we have a lunatic on the other side that is willing to engage in acts of violence against people who are anything short of a White Supreamcist. I know that I've been going back and forth about why Donald Trump would be many times better than Hillary Clinton as President, but it's important to keep a bit of perspective. I, in no way, endorse Trump or his violence, but his entrance into this year's contest has given us the wake up call we needed that we need to bite the bullet and have the national dialogue on race/race relations. My biggest concern with Hillary, if she is nominated, is that she will not be able to hold back the force Trump brings to the presidential race this fall. Hillary's email scandal is not what I'm referencing to, it's the success that the far-right had in the vote for Brexit last Thursday. The type of right-wing populism that Trump represents could destroy this country from within. Hillary's call for moderation, even if she's right, will simply fall on deaf ears.

In a piece in The New York Times op-ed section, Bernie Sanders makes the case to The Democrats that people are very angry and frustrated that the Washington Establishment has been ignoring their cries for help. People in this country are struggling, and their rage could potentially give the GOP, via Trump, The White House in November's election. So far the DNC has been way too tone-deaf to really do anything about everyone else's cries for help. The biggest faction that's been completely ignored, I realize now, is the White working-class male demographic. Trump has done a good job of exploiting their fury for political gain and it could easily get him into the presidency. To any nay-sayers in Hillary's collumn, I want to extend a word of caution: relying on the minority vote will not be enough in November, and that taking their vote for granted is a massive folly. I'm not saying that they'll jump ship and vote for Trump, but many could potentially withhold their support if a Clinton campaign turns out to be as tone-deaf as it has during the primaries. Let's get clear on something, the disaffected vote is trending in Trump's favor at the moment. Unless Hillary and the DNC can make the case that they hear and understand everyone's anger and frustration, they'll just simply vote for Trump.

Just like the Brexiteers, Trump would be a huge step backward for the American people. Think of the race to the bottom that George W. Bush's administration guided us into, and then think about the fact that Trump's presidency would make Bush's seem like childsplay.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Message To All The Hillbots

If you think that by telling me that only Hillary Clinton is our savior, you're going to hit a brick wall. I find it sad that you are allowing yourselves to be brainwashed into mindless sheep. Learn to think for yourselves, not whatever the new talking points that Correct The Record feeds you.

I know of your masters dirty tricks and I'm not falling for them. Not by a longshot. It's not lost on me that she is the biggest threat to all humanity, much more so than Donald Trump is. Trump may be a racist and would be happy to take us back to the 1830s, both of which are not lost on me, but your candidate 100% guarantees he will be our president on Friday, January 20, 2017. The words will be "Mister President" not "Madam President".

Now about Hillary's inevitability; what's inevitable is the fact that she will more likely be indicted by the DOJ than be nominated for President. You don't believe me? You can look it up on either Google or Bing. Hell use Yahoo if you want. The point is that it doesn't very long to see that she's just playing you all for suckers. Let me show a couple of examples. The first is this article from He gives a rather stark explanation how Hillary basically violated the Espionage Act of 1917 by transfering emails with either a Top Secret (as was the case with 22 emails), or a higher level of classification, Special Access Program, for which there were some nearly 2,200 emails. If that isn't enough for you sheep, then read this. It's a recent post to Daily Kos on the fact that a Federal magistrate (aka judge) confirmed that the investigation into Hillary's emails is in fact a criminal investigation. Now what does that tell you? It says she is going to be arrested and tried, and very plausibly convicted. Think of the damage that would do to the party.

That's only the surface of what's going on. If Trump, despite many of his unfiltered racist or other hate-driven outburts, were to run against Hillary in the fall, he's going to very successfully paint her as being a crook. I know, I know, he's also under a criminal investigation into his potential fraud through Trump University, but that's not all that relevant to Hillary's legal troubles. I'm not lost on the fact that The Donald is a con man, but his con job, via Trump University, did not put intelligence agents and their sources' lives at risk. You can point how Trump is a danger to this country til the cows come home, and how he's too incompetent to be President, but don't give me the whole song and dance that we have to trust Hillary to be our savior. Let me be very clear, even though Trump is highly unqualified to be President and is too incompetent to the point of being unable to stick to any of his decisions, Hillary leaves a lot to be desired. How can anyone trust her if she's going to most likely continue to receive and keep highly classified information on a private server and potentially make our state secrets well known to the rest of the world? How can anyone trust her to keep us safe if she calls for a war with Russia if Vladimir Putin doesn't submit to her will about implementing a no-fly zone in Syria and to remove Assad from power? Let me ask you this, how badly do you want your candidate to start WWIII? I can assure you all, a war between the United States and Russia will end very badly for both sides. Let me remind you of one other fact, both the US and Russian stockpiles contain 90% of the world's nuclear weapons. So let me ask this again, how smart would it be to engage the Russians militarily? I don't know about any of you mindless sheeps, but I certainly don't want to go through that scenario.

Also, let me touch on another thing, you idiots! Hillary has not won, and nor will she win, the nomination. Now repeat after me, she won't win the Democratic nomination for President. And she has not assumed the title, Presumptive Nominee. Not so by the Democratic Party. This isn't over until the Superdelegates vote on July 25. Just remember that there will be a cloud over Hillary if she is nominated, and this will only grow bigger the closer we get to election day. The only way to make sure the party has a sure chance of winning is to nominate Bernie Sanders. Go look at the general election polls, he polls much stronger than Hillary ever will. So this myth that Hillary is the inevitable savior just doesn't hold any water. Nor does it hold any water to say that she won, unless she had the decked stacked in her favor by the DNC Chair. Don't believe me, then take a look at this. It's a clear indication that the DNC had been colluding with both the Clinton campaign and the media to get her coronated. It's not lost on anyone who was either a Sanders supporter, or with a brain. Think about a few of my videos that I have on my Facebook page, one of them is a clear promise to Hillary and the DNC not to turn out in their favor if they keep ignoring our issues. And it could not be anymore clear to us, that you favor a continued pay-to-play, identity and dogwhistle type of politics. We're saying enough. Come on, you guys are much smarter than this. Can't you understand that Hillary is screwing you over? Let me give a few examples. Fracking - for it, pushed it when Secretary of State. Private Prisons - for them, won't do crack down on them while they prey on primarily Black and Latino men. Think about this.

So let me make this clear to all of you, grow some brains and do your actual research. Don't give me the same tired talking points that Hillary or Correct The Record gave you. Btw, Hillary is the embodiment of the current race to the bottom, with the same holding true for Trump. Example: take the TPP and TTAP. They both will give away our sovereignty to Corporate America. So don't be a tool and vote away your rights. If you want to keep yourself from getting massively screwed over, then quit defending the corruption she embodies. Seriously, come join with us in saying that we won't give into hatred, or allow ourselves to be screwed over. You want someone who's with the people? I can assure you dumbbells that it's not Hillary. That would be Bernie. We are going to have the revolution, like it or not, because we cannot continue maintaining the status quo. That and gradualism is not the answer. We need radical change and we need it now! While I see that taking down DWS was your first peace offering, it's not enough to win us back. We as progressives are watching very intently at what happens, but any sense we get that the DNC establishment is about to screw us over, we will bolt. This is your candidate's last chance to make right, but be warned we will not back her up if she maneuvers to stab us in the back. That I can easily promise you. And don't pull the Ralph Nader in 2000 crap with us, because by ignoring us progressives, your candidate's campaign is literally asking for a repeat of 1968. This is not shaping up to be the monumental blowout the Democrats suffered in 1972. I've written a few posts on how this is case, and I encourage you to go read them.

Oh, and one last point, explain this. These Bernie Sander's Glowsticks. Are you really serious? What planet are you people on sending out these do-it-yourself instructions for building a chlorine bomb? I will admit, there's never a dull moment with you, but really? You honestly want us to kill ourselves just because we decided to back Bernie over Hillary? It's not lost on me or anyone else who backs Bernie Sanders, that you don't want us voting unless it's for Hillary. And by the way, who was it that came up with this meme? This is unacceptable, and it only strengthens my resolve to make sure that Hillary, like Trump, is never elected at all. So think about what I said on Twitter, and heed that as a call to cut the crap, or we're not going to turn out. And to tell us that our issues are going on the backburner, or that our choice has been made for us, come on! Honestly, quit allowing your candidate and the various Super-PACs that back her to quit calling on the DNC higher ups to communicate to us in a very condescending tone. Quit trivializing and patronizing us.

Now as for myself personally, those same lines above apply to me. I will not be cowed into giving my vote to someone who I don't feel represents me. If you continue to try to harass me, or any other supporters of Bernie Sanders, I will promise you this: I will report and block you, for the useless spam you are.

Monday, May 30, 2016

PoliticusUSA Explains Bernie's Reason For Attempting To Debate Trump

PoliticusUSA deserves credit for making the point that Bernie Sanders proved to the DNC that what The New York Times had been saying about why Donald Trump is unfit to be President is 100% accurate. Just take a look at his appearance on CBS NewsFace the Nation on Sunday. It proves that Trump can't stick with whatever decision he's made and is easily influenced by the last person who talks to him.This pretty much confirms that Trump is too incompetent to be President.

More Publications Are Beginning To Understand Why Nominating Hillary Is Asking To Repeat The Debacle Of 1968

I have to give credit where it's due, and that is to Current Affairs Magazine. See, the magazine published an article about how nominating Hillary Clinton, or pretty much anyone other than Bernie Sanders, to be The Democrats' candidate for President is really asking for the repeat of 1968. I've written a few posts about it, with this being one such example. We, as Democrats, have repeated the debacle of 1968 only once, and that was in 2000. Placing aside the fact that the GOP stole the Presidency, via the Supreme Court, that year, you can the repetition of 1968's debacle when the Dems nominated Al Gore (who represented the establishment) over Ralph Nader (who was the progressive outsider) to run against the GOP's standard bearer, George W. Bush. Just like back in 1968 and now in 2016, we had the same dynamic play out in 2000.

If we nominate Hillary, it's basically asking to repeat that same debacle again. Think about what I had stated in an earlier posting, and the aforementioned posting above. Nominating Hillary is basically asking for Donald Trump to be President. As Hillary's numbers begin to drop, just like back in 2008, Trump's will continue to rise. This is why nominating her is a mistake. Other publications that I've seen articles telling the DNC to ditch Hillary have been on SalonAlterNet, even Raw Story. Think about how Trump could potentially flip all 50 states red if Hillary is nominated to run against him. I think that given the dynamic that Bernie polls much stronger against Trump, it would make a hell of a lot more sense to nominate him instead. This is something that many publications are beginning to pick up on.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Criminal Charges Are Imminent For Hillary Clinton

I'll start off by saying that from watching H.A. Goodman's videos on YouTube, one can immediately understand that the FBI is likely to recommend indicting Hillary Clinton's use of a private sever to handle classified information at both the Top Secret and Special Access Program levels of classification. This will not end well for Hillary, especially given how the U.S. Department of State's inspector general's office just released a report blasting her for using her private email server to circumvent record keeping regulations. Additionally, it slammed her hard on the fact that her email server compromised national security, and potentially state secrets. Here's a video where Goodman explains how this is the case. You'll see that the real kicker in all of this is that Hillary's private email server was unencripted for 3 straight months. Think about how badly she's compromised our safety both at home and abroad.

On another note, it's not a huge surprise to see why she used the aforementioned setup. Besides her misuse of classified (whether negligent or intentional), she may have been trying to hide a potential influence peddling and money laundering operation through the Clinton Foundation. Basically a criminal racket, only in this case it's one of corruption and cronyism. This could be another game changer and will certainly bring down Hillary's chances of becoming The Democrats' nominee for President. Apparently this is not going to be the last we see or hear from Hillary's vindictive wrath. If she goes down, she'll take the entirety of the Democratic Party with her.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below, or on either Facebook or Twitter.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

News From New York

So apparently, the New York City Board of Elections has decided that Hillary Clinton won. However, that's not going to go down well with people who were disenfranchised in New York's primary back on April 19. If anything, it's absurd to certify results without including provisional ballots for the people who couldn't vote because of the same shenanigans that took place in Arizona. The only difference here is that vote suppression and electoral fraud is solely on the shoulders of the New York State Democratic Committee. What a non-surprise, as it goes back to the same story of the establishment rigging the vote to maintain the corrupt status quo.

Credit to The Indypendent.

Remember November, A Warning And Promise For What Could Happen In Fall's Election

These 2 words should have a lot of meaning for Democrats and supporters for Hillary Clinton. As such, let me make this very clear to anyone with a brain in the DNC: nominate Bernie Sanders for President, or forefit the White House in November to Donald Trump. By pissing away the youth, you've just cost yourselves the election, and I hope in your post-mortem for 2016, you'll look back and try to correct the actions you took in that election year. Anyone who votes for Hillary deserves to see her lose. They have just forefitted their right to govern.

Sorry, but Hillbots cannot have it both ways. I can assure you all that the youth and other groups of voters who you turned off in the primaries will not turn out for you in sufficient numbers to hand you, the Democrats, a victory over the GOP in the fall. Don't say you were not warned. This is a video from my page on Facebook, where I've made it pretty clear the promise of what may end up happening if Hillary's supporters continue to take a condescending tone to Bernie's backers and treating them like children.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rantings Of A Pissed Off Progressive

Being registered with The Democrats has had me thinking that they were much better to be affiliated with than the corrupt, souless GOP. Now I'm realizing that that's been a total lie from the beginning. Just like the Repubs, the Dems are taking money from the very same sources in return for political favors. I can't back either side at this point, but if I had to I'd go with the Republicans at this point, as their message of how they'll screw me over when in power is exceedingly transparent. The Democrats, if they nominate Hillary Clinton, are going to sweet talk me, but then stab me in the back when in office. That's the main difference between the parties. This is wrong and it has to change! This is why I'm praying that if he's nominated, Donald Trump destroys Hillary in the general election in November. This is not about voting against my own interests, this is about sending a message to the Democratic Party that they're not to take my vote for granted, they have to earn it.

To all those who say that Donald is a loose cannon and a danger to all of us when in The White House, let me say this: he's more manageable than Hillary will ever be. Hillary is a war waiting to happen. She's too hawkish, and just about every major policy decision she's made, she's been dead wrong about. As I've said on Facebook and Twitter, what she's pushing for is exactly what the armaments industry has clamoring for, for years. These same players are openly calling for a nuclear war with Vladimir Putin's Russia. That's the most dangerous and dumbest position to take for this reason: the Russians have the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. What are we going to accomplish with that? Nothing. To be courting these players is like playing a round of Russian Roulette, meaning that we could pull the trigger at the wrong time. China's another target on their radar. Again this will accomplish nothing. If anything, it turns us into a bully abroad, and we need to get rid of this image.

Toe the line is not something I can do with Hillary as the Democratic nominee, not unless she makes some serious commitments to tackle many of the issues facing my generation and sticks to them. Any straying by Hillary will lead to me voting her out of office in 2020 if she's elected in November. In my eyes, Hillary is the least qualified candidate to be President. This view largely holds true in my generation as well, and to many hard-working Americans who are barely scraping enough money to get by. Being told how to vote by the DNC is not what this country is about. It only strengthens my resolve to fight on for Bernie Sanders all the way to the convention. The current status quo is not sustainable and everyone gets that. A vote for Hillary is a vote for oligarchy, and it's not too much different with the Republicans (only they're more blatant about it). We need to get rid of Neoliberalism, just like we need to get rid of Neoconservatism.

This should be a wake up call to everyone, including myself. I don't care how much Hillary and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz try to rig the primary elections in their favor, they're not getting my vote, or many others' votes for that matter. Paid trolls won't make me change my position that she's unqualified. It's a desparate move to harass her detractors into supporting her. It's not going to work, because it will result in more bad-blood from Bernie's supporters. The time has come to send Hillary and the DNC a clear message: if they want our vote, they need to earn it. Not buy it, not coerce it, earn it, the old-fashioned way. Meaning they have to come to us and tell us their plans of trying to resolve many of the issues we're working with. However, they're too busy enriching themselves and engaging in stale theatrics with the RNC. As repugnant as many of the Republicans' statements are, they're little more than a sideshow distraction from the larger theft going on. Same with the Democrats. We're not all Democrats and Republicans (or whatever other political affiliation), we're Americans. Party affiliation is just a label; nothing more, nothing less.

Also, I'm tired of being condescended upon and dismissed by the same party that wants my vote in November. While I'm one of the luckier stories of not graduating from San Francisco State University with debt hanging over my head, I know people who were less fortunate than I was. This is for them, when I say get our debt foregiven and removed. This is absolutely stupid that people of my generation have to go into debt just to get an education. It's irresponsible on the part of policymakers and it's not right. To say that our dreams are too pie in the sky is more of a reason not to vote for the establishment, which just wants to profit off of our suffering. Sorry Hillary and Debbie, but incrementalism won't work, especially when we're facing do-or-die circumstances that require drastic action to resolve. Too many of us are drowning, while you and the rest of the DNC continue to engage in a constant cycle of mutual demonization with the RNC, and are calling out for help. That's in addition to a change in tone, where there's more people coming together to try to solve problems, not to enrich themselves and their benefactors, while engaging in devisive rhetoric to keep us out.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why Hillary Will Lose In November

Based on current polling that I looked up on 270ToWin and read about on The Hill, it's a bad sign for Hillary Clinton no matter which Republican she faces in November. At the moment, Donald Trump is running a statistical tie with her, and his numbers may climb as the primary campaign grows to a close. As for both Ted Cruz and John Kasich, it's pretty much the same deal, but in different ways. Cruz, like Trump, is slightly trailing Clinton, but is more or less running a statistical tie. Kasich, on the other hand, is leading Clinton by about 5 points. Which says 1 thing to The Democrats if they nominate Clinton: be ready to piss away the White House in November.

As for Clinton's ongoing scandals, they'll be catching up to her, but that's not going to be her biggest problem. The fact is that she pissed away the youth vote during the primaries by saying that our voices and aspirations don't matter, or are unworthy of consideration. That's utter bullshit, and she knows that full well. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that we the youth will not turn out for her in a way that can help her win unless she really takes into consideration most-to-all of our issues. The fact is that we know that we're going to get screwed over, it's just a matter of how bad. We're less naive than the Clinton campaign and DNC would lead everyone to believe, and we'll be able to figure out if she's lying to us.

So if it had to come down to the lesser of 2 evils, would we go with someone who will backstab us, or with someone who's openly telling us how they'll screw us over? As repulsive as Trump is to us, many of us actually believe he's the lesser of 2 evils. The fact is that if the Democrats piss away the Presidency in 2016, they'll have a likely shot of taking back Congress, and any of the 46 state legislatures and 36 governorships that will come up for a vote in 2018, and the Presidency in 2020. If the hashtag #BernieOrBust means anything, it's that we're tired of the party screwing us over to enrich themselves; and that if they're going to get our vote, they have to earn it. This is why to most of us young Americans, Clinton is unqualified for President as she has absolutely no transparency or workable solutions to our issues.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hillary And Anti-Semitism And How It Disqualifies Her

Apparently Hillary Clinton has forgotten the memo that attacking Bernie Sanders based solely on his religion is a real way to turn off the Jewish vote. Way to go with the goysplaining, it's really burying you deeper. I can't stand this, she's peddling in the same hate that we would expect to see from either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I mean, really?

Anyway, I found the actual piece that Hillary submitted to The Times of Israel, via Truthdig. It sickens me to think that someone is telling someone else that they're betraying their own religion when they're calling out extremism and calls for genocide. This is exactly what Bernie was doing when he said that someone has to say to Benjamin Netanyahu that he's not always right, especially when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians. To call Bernie a self-hating Jew for saying that we need to rein in Israel's disproportionate military responses to the Palestinians & the continual incitement to violence is absolutely bogus. If anything, it proves that we need to do more to end this cycle of dehumanization on both sides (but most importantly the dehumanization of the Palestinians by Israel) and the ongoing cycles of violence.

Anyway, Hillary's level of disrespect to Bernie by calling him a self-hating Jew is just sickening and hardens my resolve to make sure she doesn't become the nominee for The Democrats. By going into the "Who is a Jew" debate, she's completely disqualified herself. This lady is vile and should never be given the duties that come with being the President. It also proves that Hillary has no idea what the heck she's babbling about with those spoon-fed talking points from AIPAC, which is to conflate Anti-Semitism with criticizing Israel. This is a false equivalence and also completely bogus. Both largely have nothing to do with one another. It's not always Anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, especially when it comes to Human Rights, or if it's not adhering to its international responsibilities.

The fact is that Bernie has a lot more crediblity from having been in Israel, and actually working on kibbutz there. He also understands that there are extreme voices on both sides, just like there are voices of calm and reason.So to tell him to fall in line with AIPAC's talking points is just stupid and wrong as it misses much of the larger picture with all of its nuances.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why I Can't Trust Either Hillary Or The Republicans With The Presidency

I'll make this one as brief as I can on the biggest reasons why I'm not able to trust either Hillary Clinton or the GOP with the Presidency. The reasons are actually fairly simple for both.One is foreign policy (aka the nuclear football). Hillary, as many know too well, is a militarist and is actually too dangerous in my eyes to leave in charge of the football. In this respect she's the same as the Republicans, basically doubling down on the policies that got us into Iraq. Example: the no-fly zone in Syria. That's guaranteed to start a war with Russia (the nation with the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons), which happens to be one of Syria's major allies (the other being Iran). How smart is it to place a no-fly zone, when there's literally a Russian naval station in Tartus?

Secondly, Hillary and the Republicans would most likely work together to get rid of the rest of the social safety net. This runs contrary to what most people want here at home. In fact, there have been several instances where some loud voices have called for their expansion. For example, we have enough money in the Social Security Trust Fund to keep it solvent until about 2037, which is when we'll run into trouble. We can make it totally solvent if we just scrap the cap on how much income is taxed for it (currently the cap is $118,500). As for making people survive on less while prices climb ever higher is asking to put people out on the street again.

On another note, both Hillary and the Republicans would work tirelessly to retain the neoliberal status quo at all costs, which goes against what people are calling for.They're tired of neoliberalism, and how it's absolutely corrupted our politics and economy. We need a new direction for America, one that takes on the corporate excess. Not one that continues these pay-to-play politics, and where corporate board-rooms decide public policy. That's all neoliberalism has given us. Corruption to the worst degree since the 1920s.

Additionally, think about the fact that Hillary and the Republicans will make sure that we don't have a livable minimum wage. The federal minimum wage at the moment is $7.25/hr, which is a starvation wage. What's to say that Hillary won't just accept scrapping the minimum wage altogether? That's the point, with Hillary, you just don't know. She has a habit of saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite.

Now for me personally, along with the reasons listed above, it's about making sure I have something to work with, not to fight against. For example, because I'm Autistic, I need to go through behavioral training and changes. I don't know if my insurance will even cover it next year (or next month), given some of the changes implemented under the Affordable Care Act (which needs a lot of tweeking to work properly). Anyone who votes to uphold or to repeal it, better have a good idea in place for how to make it work or have a better replacement. I'm not getting either of those from either Hillary or the Republicans. Because of that I don't feel that I can trust them. Additionally, if there's a draft, who's to know if my friends or members of my family get called in for military service, or worse, get killed in action? I can't support anyone who's even thinking of going to war as the first resort. That's all I hear from Hillary and the Republicans, the glorification of war.

This is why I often unsurprised to hear musings of comparing America to Nazi Germany at times, especially by Russia's Vladimir Putin. This isn't to say that Putin's entirely right or wrong, but it shows the ill effects our country's militarism has and how corrosive it can be. Even China's getting worried about it, just like Russia. Even our own allies, like Great Britain and France, will end up worrying about us, too. We need a new look at how to connect to the rest of the world, one that emphasizes soft, rather than hard power.

I can say very clearly that our approach to Russia is not working. Hillary and the Republicans may think that reseting relations with Russia means that the Russians will become submissive to our dominance and fall in line. That won't happen, since they're only going to cooperate with us if we treat them as an equal. I think it's time to move past all the bluster that both Hillary and the Republicans have been serving us, the Russians, and the rest of the world, and create a new environment that includes, not excludes, everyone's voices.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Verizon Just Got Berned

It's a sign that we're heading into a new era of reining in corporate excess, and an era where labor is taking a more assertive stance. That's what we can see when the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers called the strike. Verizon is starting to get heat from the growing support for the strikers, especially when many of the workers are not paid very well, or when they're in agreement with the unions over expanding their Verizon fios broadband service. The fact is that the expansion has never happened and that's partly contributing to why both unions went on strike.

What's really interesting is the recent war of words between Bernie Sanders and Lowell McAdam, Verizon's CEO. Apparently McAdam hated the fact that Bernie called out Verizon's stashing profits off-shore to avoid (really to evade) paying US taxes. Just to be clear Verizon's pre-tax profits between 2008 and 2012 were $19.3 billion, and they got a rebate back of $535 million. This comes at a time when Verizon pays many of its employees starvation wages and provides them with very poor benefits. This comes out of a report by Americans for Tax Fairness published in 2013. Going back to the war of words, Bernie made the case fairly clear that Verizon's not adhering to its responsibilities as a corporate citizen by not paying any form of federal taxes and to make the point of saying that Verizon is only 1 of many bad actors executing loopholes in our Federal Tax Code. The icing on the cake is that Bernie channeled FDR when he said on Twitter that he welcomed the contempt of McAdam, and other CEOs of large corporations. Here's the Tweet in its entirety. Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why The Dynamic Of 1972 Is The Wrong One For 2016 And Why 1968 Is The Right One

As I mentioned previously on here that 1968 is the real dynamic that this year's election mirrors, I realize that I forgot to add in how 1972's dynamic is absolutely wrong. There are a a couple of factors as to how that's the case and I'll describe them here.

First off, we need to understand that Bernie Sanders' campaign today does not mirror George McGovern's campaign in 1972, it mirrors Eugene McCarthy's in 1968. When McCarthy ran well to Lyndon Johnson's left on the issue of the Vietnam War, it gave him the propulsion necessary to bring him within striking distance of capturing The Democrats' nomination that year. What happened? The Democratic establishment in a swift, though reactive, move placed the incumbent Vice President at the time, Hubert Humphrey, on the top of the ticket which really infuriated and demoralized the Democratic base (Humphrey, as an important side-note, never campaigned for the nomination). Many felt that their vote had been robbed from them, and as such, either sat out the election, or voted for third parties. The Democrats would manage to pick up on their mistake 4 years later, but by the time they did, it was too late.

Which leads to the next point: how was it that George McGovern was so badly blown out in 1972? That's actually very simple, the Democrats caught the message of 1968 and campaigned on it 4 years after the fact, when it was no longer in people's minds. McGovern's platform was unable to gain any traction from the message no longer having any real relevance. The electorate was tired of liberal activism that year, and they saw Richard Nixon as having finally restored some sense of order following the chaos of the late 1960s. The prevailing wisdom at that time was that "Democrats can't govern," and that only the GOP could be entrusted to do so. That wisdom had a lot of traction up until about 2006 or so, when the electorate finally understood that Republicans don't govern. That came on full display again in 2015-6.

That leads to the final point of saying that nominating Hillary Clinton is guaranteeing a lost opportunity. I know, that on paper, Hillary has an impressive resume that's worth considering, but that's not a good enough reason to give her the nomination. Hillary's judgment on several past decisions were off target (Iraq War, Libya, Syria no-fly zone, etc.), and resulted in people getting hurt or killed. Now, the problem with nominating Hillary, in my eyes, is that it will depress voter turnout in the general election, or worse, give us united government under the Republicans. If you think I'm off target, I'd suggest looking at polls on 270ToWin's website. In just about every election between 1968 and 2012 (with some notable exceptions like 1992 and 2008) we've a seen a continual drop in voter-turn out. With more and more people failing to turn out, it makes our democracy that much more susceptible to corrosive corruption by big-moneyed interests and hijacking by extreme voices. None of this is good for us, not at a pivotal moment such as this.

Keeping these points in mind, now you can see how comparing today's political dynamic to 1972 if we nominate Bernie is wrong, and how 1968 is actually the right comparison.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Bernie Is Another Step Closer To Potentially Overtaking Hillary

Bernie Sanders just got a big win in Wisconsin (there were 96 delegates up for grabs), and this has increased his campaign's momentum onto the nomination. How this is significant is that he's won 7 of the last 8 primary/caucus contests, and that may change the way the race goes. So far Hillary Clinton has been on the defensive, along with The Democrats' establishment, looking for ways to woo Bernie's voters and falling all over themselves.

Face it, people are tired of establishment politics, especially several segments of the Democratic base. We're ready to go big and bold, even if it challenges conventional wisdom. There's too much at stake with corporate fat-cats controlling both party establishments. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Need To Repeal The Anti-BDS Law ASAP

Barack Obama has done us no favors by signing the anti-BDS bill into law. This law does not delegitimize Israel, as Benjamin Netanyahu's government would like us to believe. This is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment and also the 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments. I certainly hope that when Bernie Sanders becomes President that he will repeal this odious law immediately.

What Israel is doing to the Palestinians does not reflect the values as ascribed by the Talmud. Nowhere in the Jewish faith is there any means to condone this type of suffering. This is racism and moreover ethnic hatred at its core. Demonizing the Palestinians, many of whom are suffering from the worst human rights abuses. Think about this, this is an example of our tax dollars being wasted. We should not be subsidizing the Israeli War Machine. Here's a look at how much we've wasted courtesy of Haaretz.

This law does not reflect who we are as Americans. We don't root against the underdog. As an American Jew I may get a lot of heat for saying this, as someone who has no sympathy for the people who suffered the worst of the Holocaust, but it needs to be said. We should not be emulating the worst of our historic oppressors, the Nazis. We're behaving just like them. I can cite numerous examples of this, such as this video for starters:

In this video, we get a glimpse of how hatred of Arabs and Palestinians starts in Israeli education (much like how the madrassas operate in Saudi Arabia and other places under the control of the Wahabist sect of Sunni Islam). Think about how this may be coming from our tax dollars. Why should we be funding this? It makes little sense to me.

That's the whole point behind BDS, it says that allowing this type of separation and repression should end now. If Israel wants to be treated as a respected member of the community of nations, then it better adhere to its responsibilities and the basic rules of the road. What is it going to take to get that into the Israeli Government's head? The kind of pressure BDS brings.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Pisses Me Off About Hillary Clinton

I know that I've written extensively on here about how I have severe misgivings about Hillary Clinton being elected President, but what's pissing me off even more is how dirty she's getting and how desparate she comes across as. I can't vote for someone who's only paying me lip service. How stupid does she think I am? I can see right through her, and I know damn well that she doesn't have my best interest at heart, only what lines her pockets. She's pulling the same stunts that she did with Barack Obama back in 2008, and look at what happened. That's not even the least of my gripes. What has me even more floored is the fact that she, along with The Democrats (Democratic National Committee) are basically engaging in election fraud wherever they can during the primaries just so that she can be nominated, even when the base is largely rejecting her. I never signed up for this!

I'm pissed as hell that if she's nominated I'll either vote in Bernie Sanders as a write-in, or if John Kasich get's the GOP's nomination, I'll end up voting for him. Hillary is untrustworthy, and nominating her is a big mistake in my eyes! If she thinks that telling Millennials, such as myself, that we can't have anything to help us out, because we have to subsidize big business, then she deserves to lose to the Republicans in November. Let the Republicans run us into the ground, we'll boot them out after 2 years (Congress and across the states) and 4 years (Presidency) anyway. This is how fed up people are with all the excuses and the lies. We know how tough it is to govern 320 million of us, but that's no excuse to ignore us when we're calling for help and/or some relief. No way are we going to let Corporate America (specifically big business and the very wealthy) call the shots. No way in hell! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

What Older Generations Don't Get About Us Millennials

There's nothing more obnoxious than hearing false stories about the choice we face in November. I say this as a young American, the one group who the media trumpets as the least invested in our country's future. I'd beg to differ, as we're just as invested, but we're tired of being ignored until just before election. Not to mention we really detest being overly criticized about everything, or being projected on as to how we should feel, think, etc. Honestly, the way things are currently are not working for us. For what reason is it right for us to be working between 1 or more jobs to pay down massive debts from getting our education? And they have the right to be lecturing us on the necessity of having an investment portfolio or a mortgage? AS IF! How throwing us a bone here as we're drowning in debt?

And they think identity or dog-whistle politics is what drives us to vote? They've got to be smoking some bad weed. Identity politics, like dog-whistle politics, is the easiest way to make us tune older generations out. We know about the struggles previous generations made to get rid of racism, and we're thankful for that, but let us have our go at it. What's so absurd about all the projections that the Silent and Baby Boom generations make onto Millennials is that we don't have any respect for tradition, or for that matter traditional hierarcy, or that we don't protest against it enough. Let me say this to both generations, that's because the Millennial generation has the same type of mindset as the G.I. Generation (the generation that fought in WWII and then made this country a superpower). This means that we're turned off by both forms of politics. We're a more collaborative generation where labels really don't hold a lot of water, and that means working from all angles.

We've come to realize that all this overly hyperbolic politicking is tearing this country to pieces, and that it's our place to rein in those who lead us. Our realization of how our institutions have failed us comes from the fact that we haven't had our voices heard. Are we surprised by this? Hardly. What more can we expect when older generations are not willing to listen to us? It's no secret we're frustrated, but we're willing to channel that frustration in a way that will force a response. Is the reason that most Milennials are not willing to entertain the notion of Hillary Clinton because they're sexist? Of course it's not, we'd love to see a woman as President, but not Hillary. Our reason: identity politics primarily, but also because she has no real plan to help us. Add in 1 other factor, foreign policy. How can we be sure that Hillary won't start another war and call upon us to fight it? We're tired of war! I know I'm tired of it as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More News From North Korea

It seems as if America and its partners have thrown down the gauntlet on North Korea, hitting with the heaviest sanctions to date passed by the Security Council. Apparently North Korea's continued threats of pre-eminent nuclear war has worn thin both Russia and China's patience. To have Russia warn the North that an invasion by the Americans and the South may be jusitifiable is really telling of how close the Korean peninsula is to having war break out. Originally I heard the story from Alex Jones, who has a history with the truth at times, and apparently he was spot on about the Russian response. The Guardian was the first to break this story, and there's no question that if there's a war that starts in that part of Asia, it'll be sanctioned by the Security Council.

It's also telling about how thin China's patience has worn, especially when they really don't want more American military hardware so close to their border. Now whether they'll back international military action is a whole different question, but I'm fairly sure they'll do so if the North Korean nuclear threats don't abate. Like the Russians, the Chinese also are warning the North that if these threats continue then there will be a real justification for invasion. 

New Supreme Court Pick

Having heard that Barack Obama's nominated a new Supreme Court justice, Merrick Garland, to succeed Antonin Scalia, I'm not at all surprised to hear the Senate GOP's squawking about how they won't do their job as described by the Constitution.

Now I can think of one major reason why they won't do it: their base. The base wants to make sure an ultra-conservative succeeds Scalia.  To put it in another way, they want someone on the court who will rule in favor of their beliefs and views. These include a return to Jim Crow and overt racism, denying non-Whites their constitutional rights, belief that Whites are superior to all and that only White lives matter, etc. The bottom line is that these are strongly held convictions in many parts of the country, and many of the people who hold these views want them enacted into law.

After feeding their base racism, and the need to enact it into law, the GOP's now answering for whipping up that same racial prejudice in the forms of Donald Trump & Ted Cruz . What did they think would happen, that someone wouldn't break through and grab the ability to enact such views? Now they have to look to the Democrats to stop Trump, if he is their nominee, which will be unlikely if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. The last person who should be the one to pick a successor for Scalia is Trump. Guaranteed he'll pick someone who's a strong opponent of racial justice.

That's why there's the campaign telling Senate Republicans to Do Your Job. We need to hold their feet to the fire, by telling them that their scorched-earth obstructionism will cost them the Senate and the Presidency in November.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How 2016 Is A Mirror Image Of 1968

If anyone remembers the break-down of the New Deal Coalition back in 1968, then get ready for a rebooted version this year. Think of Donald Trump as the fill-in for George Wallace, Ted Cruz as Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, Bernie Sanders as Eugene McCarthy and Hillary Clinton as Hubert Humphrey.

Now suppose that Cruz were the GOP's nominee, just like Hillary would be for the Democrats, and Trump ran, via as an independent or 3rd-party. Think of the outcome, we'd have Ted in the White House succeeding Barack Obama. The reason I'm saying that Cruz could end up being our President is that Trump would only be successful in potentially syphoning off would be votes for Hillary or Cruz all across the country.

In this analogy, we can see why Donald Trump will not cease to use overt bigotry as a campaign strategy as it's absolutely working for him. Trump's tapped into a very deep White rage that's been simmering under the surface since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, especially in many parts of the South, Great Plains and both the Mountain & Pacific West. This White rage is much worse than the Black rage we've seen over the past couple of years. These folks want to be free enough to shout out their bigotry at the top of their lungs and feel vindicated that they don't have to hide their true beliefs.

It's also easy to see why Ted Cruz's holding his cards close to him. He knows that he can pose as the savior of the state from all the violence and lawlessness caused by both Trump and the Democrats (the same as the Law and Order platform Richard Nixon ran on 1968). But remember, Cruz would like nothing more than to implement Law and Order, via racial conservatism.

In Bernie Sanders' case, it's real easy to see how he's a reincarnation of Eugene McCarthy. Bernie's been crusading against the sheer inequality of opportunity for everyone regardless of background (be it race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.), and also excoriating the recklessness of both the political and economic establishment. Like McCarthy, Bernie's calling for a dramatic overhawl of many governmental policies and also blasting the establishment's disregard for the real costs of war.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's the re-embodiment of Hubert Humphrey, who has the support of the establishment, but no support from the base. Many of the same voters who would likely turnout for the Democrats would end up staying home. That's exactly what happened in 1968, and what's about to happen if Hillary's nominated now in 2016.

There's one thing we need to bear in mind, unless we want a new version of Kissinger-esque offensive realism, we're better off not repeating the same mistake we made 48 years go.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Donald Trump Getting A Full Pounding For Campaigning On Overt Racism

If it seems like there's a strange alignment of the Earth with both the sun and moon, then you know there's trouble bounding for one Presidential campaign: Donald Trump's. Seems as if the Donald's managed to draw the ire of both The Democrats and the GOP for openly calling for violent White Supremacy and it seems as if those calls are falling on open ears. From the violence at his rallies and campaign events to threats of violence against rival campaigns on both sides of the aisle, it looks like he's about to experience the ultimate form of karma: lost support, at least in the form of minority voters. The fact remains that his call to violence is also having the adverse affect of losing the American electorate, especially those who remember the violence of the mid-to-late 1960s all the way through to the early-to-mid 1990s.

Let me be very clear, we don't need a repeat. Which is why both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, together with the other Republicans running for President, are right to condemn the Trump campaign's violent rhetoric and incitement to violence against anyone who disagrees with him. It seems almost laughable on Donald's part to pin the blame almost entirely on Bernie, when it's clear that Sanders has given no instructions to his supporters to protest at Trump events; it's entirely their decision. While it's heartening to hear the other Republican candidates (Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich) condemn Donald and distance themselves from his violent hate-filled campaign, it's important to remember that they also harbor many of those same hateful views and willingness to legislate on them (with the exception of Kasich). With Cruz, that's completely obvious, as he's actually more hateful and extreme than Trump is. Rubio's not too much different. Kasich, on the other hand, is someone I could think of backing if Hillary gets the nomination. This is because of his platform on a couple of issues: immigration and justice/police reform. On both these issues he's calling for pragmatism and moderation. Add 1 more issue to that: climate change. Now whether to leave regulations to the EPA or the states is a necessary debate to have and one that I'd wish would take place, but with the others largely denying the existence of climate change, that's not likely to happen. On a final note, while he is opposed to "non-traditional" (aka LGBT) marriage, he sees any further fighting to ban it as a lost cause. Which makes me think that if he is President, he may push for further legal protections of LGBT Americans.

Aside from that rant about why Kasich may be a better alternative, the fact remains that if the Donald doesn't end his campaign of hate, he's going to answer for it in the same way George Wallace did back in 1968. This may mean that while Donald does especially well in many parts of the South, he may face a world of trouble trying to win the vote elsewhere in November. Be it in places as hard-right Idaho and Wyoming to center-right Kansas and Nebraska. Bernie's argument about the need for a dramatic change in the political culture in Washington, that's actually responsive to all the people, may cut into Donald's support among Republicans. Imagine if Donald has to fight for those states due to many Republicans largely backing Bernie (especially conservative Republicans) that are turned off by all the hate-filled dog-whistles. Think about what happened to Mitt Romney when he faced Barack Obama in 2012, or when Obama faced John McCain in 2008. The fact remains simple, the Republicans' coalition of both the overwhelming majority of the White South together with the Great Plains and Mountain states (along with both Alaska and Indiana), it's not a coalition that will remain cohesive for very long.

If anything, the American people don't want a Southern-styled form of conservatism, (i.e., racial conservatism or put more plainly: hate-filled corporatism). We largely want to move past the era of racial hatred and Social Darwinism. It also means that we need to end this bankrupt status quo of simply keeping our heads in the sand. This is the type of conservatism being served to us a la Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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