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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The President's Executive Action On Gun Control & Gun Safety

From what I saw on C-SPAN earlier, it's clear that Barack Obama's absolutely infuriated with the inaction from Congress on the issue of gun violence. Even seeing him weep about it in front of the various families who suffered losses in the most recent mass shootings says a lot as to why he's right to take executive action where Congress failed to do so. The crisis of gun violence, especially mass shootings, has gotten way too out of hand that he needed to act.

The executive orders he issued would overhall the background checking system by streamlining it and would expand it to sales at gunshows and online. Not to mention it would update who would be considered a dealer, and increase enforcement against dealers who are operating without a license. Additionally, he's ordering the hiring of some 200 new ATF agents to enforce the laws on the books with the money already appropriated by Congress. As for the mental health aspect of it, we need to do more to end the stigmatization of mental illness and mental disabilities, and he's ordering an additionall $500 million in new funding for mental healthcare. You can read more on what the President plans to do on The White House's website. You can find it here.

Hearing what I did from the National Rifle Association, it comes as no surprise that the President managed to outsmart them and outmaneuver their GOP pawns in Congress. They can't do much more than throw a temper tantrum since they have no real means of rescinding the President's actions. Hearing other presidential candidates (such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz)  from the Republican Party promising to rescind them is no surprise either if they're elected to office. The good news is that on The Democrats' side, Bernie Sanders is promising to keep the order in place and enforce it. He's right to point out that the time for moral outrage over this senseless gun violence has long since passed. I found out about this from scanning through PoliticusUSA's website.

White House - https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/01/04/live-updates-what-president-doing-keep-guns-out-wrong-hands
PoliticusUSA - http://www.politicususa.com/2016/01/05/bernie-sanders-vows-continue-obamas-executive-orders-guns-elected-president.html

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