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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Reason To Elect Bernie Sanders As POTUS

Electing Bernie Sanders would do America a lot of favors as he's the only candidate who has any kind of plan for dealing with many of the issues we face today. Moreover, he's shown clearly that he's not letting himself be bought off by Corporate America (note the redonating of Martin Shkreli's donation back in September), nor is he trying to win their affection either.

The fact is that Bernie's plan for helping Americans still struggling to get by is the most feasible and it would help turn things around in the right direction, but it can only happen with the involvement of all of us get involved in the political process. It's on us to pressure Congress to do the right thing, or to elect a Democratic Congress alongside Bernie. We need to make the point clear that we're not going to take anything the GOP throws at us sitting down, not even the most vile of overt racism that we've seen in 5 decades.

Bernie's been the only candidate thus far who's released a plan for putting people back to work by fixing our crumbling infrastructure (all the roads and bridges) and clamping down on the greed and recklessness of not only Wall Street, but the entirety of Corporate America. For too long Corporate America has been cutting corners just to make a quick buck with impugnity, and that needs to change. We need to clamp down on big business and end their attempts to game the markets to their advantage. Bernie's the only candidate with a plan to do just that, as we need to put clear rules in place to govern how the markets function.

For more information on why to elect Bernie as POTUS, check out his website.

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