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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More News From North Korea

It seems as if America and its partners have thrown down the gauntlet on North Korea, hitting with the heaviest sanctions to date passed by the Security Council. Apparently North Korea's continued threats of pre-eminent nuclear war has worn thin both Russia and China's patience. To have Russia warn the North that an invasion by the Americans and the South may be jusitifiable is really telling of how close the Korean peninsula is to having war break out. Originally I heard the story from Alex Jones, who has a history with the truth at times, and apparently he was spot on about the Russian response. The Guardian was the first to break this story, and there's no question that if there's a war that starts in that part of Asia, it'll be sanctioned by the Security Council.

It's also telling about how thin China's patience has worn, especially when they really don't want more American military hardware so close to their border. Now whether they'll back international military action is a whole different question, but I'm fairly sure they'll do so if the North Korean nuclear threats don't abate. Like the Russians, the Chinese also are warning the North that if these threats continue then there will be a real justification for invasion. 

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