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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Supreme Court Pick

Having heard that Barack Obama's nominated a new Supreme Court justice, Merrick Garland, to succeed Antonin Scalia, I'm not at all surprised to hear the Senate GOP's squawking about how they won't do their job as described by the Constitution.

Now I can think of one major reason why they won't do it: their base. The base wants to make sure an ultra-conservative succeeds Scalia.  To put it in another way, they want someone on the court who will rule in favor of their beliefs and views. These include a return to Jim Crow and overt racism, denying non-Whites their constitutional rights, belief that Whites are superior to all and that only White lives matter, etc. The bottom line is that these are strongly held convictions in many parts of the country, and many of the people who hold these views want them enacted into law.

After feeding their base racism, and the need to enact it into law, the GOP's now answering for whipping up that same racial prejudice in the forms of Donald Trump & Ted Cruz . What did they think would happen, that someone wouldn't break through and grab the ability to enact such views? Now they have to look to the Democrats to stop Trump, if he is their nominee, which will be unlikely if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. The last person who should be the one to pick a successor for Scalia is Trump. Guaranteed he'll pick someone who's a strong opponent of racial justice.

That's why there's the campaign telling Senate Republicans to Do Your Job. We need to hold their feet to the fire, by telling them that their scorched-earth obstructionism will cost them the Senate and the Presidency in November.

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