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Sunday, March 27, 2016

What Older Generations Don't Get About Us Millennials

There's nothing more obnoxious than hearing false stories about the choice we face in November. I say this as a young American, the one group who the media trumpets as the least invested in our country's future. I'd beg to differ, as we're just as invested, but we're tired of being ignored until just before election. Not to mention we really detest being overly criticized about everything, or being projected on as to how we should feel, think, etc. Honestly, the way things are currently are not working for us. For what reason is it right for us to be working between 1 or more jobs to pay down massive debts from getting our education? And they have the right to be lecturing us on the necessity of having an investment portfolio or a mortgage? AS IF! How throwing us a bone here as we're drowning in debt?

And they think identity or dog-whistle politics is what drives us to vote? They've got to be smoking some bad weed. Identity politics, like dog-whistle politics, is the easiest way to make us tune older generations out. We know about the struggles previous generations made to get rid of racism, and we're thankful for that, but let us have our go at it. What's so absurd about all the projections that the Silent and Baby Boom generations make onto Millennials is that we don't have any respect for tradition, or for that matter traditional hierarcy, or that we don't protest against it enough. Let me say this to both generations, that's because the Millennial generation has the same type of mindset as the G.I. Generation (the generation that fought in WWII and then made this country a superpower). This means that we're turned off by both forms of politics. We're a more collaborative generation where labels really don't hold a lot of water, and that means working from all angles.

We've come to realize that all this overly hyperbolic politicking is tearing this country to pieces, and that it's our place to rein in those who lead us. Our realization of how our institutions have failed us comes from the fact that we haven't had our voices heard. Are we surprised by this? Hardly. What more can we expect when older generations are not willing to listen to us? It's no secret we're frustrated, but we're willing to channel that frustration in a way that will force a response. Is the reason that most Milennials are not willing to entertain the notion of Hillary Clinton because they're sexist? Of course it's not, we'd love to see a woman as President, but not Hillary. Our reason: identity politics primarily, but also because she has no real plan to help us. Add in 1 other factor, foreign policy. How can we be sure that Hillary won't start another war and call upon us to fight it? We're tired of war! I know I'm tired of it as well.

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