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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Pisses Me Off About Hillary Clinton

I know that I've written extensively on here about how I have severe misgivings about Hillary Clinton being elected President, but what's pissing me off even more is how dirty she's getting and how desparate she comes across as. I can't vote for someone who's only paying me lip service. How stupid does she think I am? I can see right through her, and I know damn well that she doesn't have my best interest at heart, only what lines her pockets. She's pulling the same stunts that she did with Barack Obama back in 2008, and look at what happened. That's not even the least of my gripes. What has me even more floored is the fact that she, along with The Democrats (Democratic National Committee) are basically engaging in election fraud wherever they can during the primaries just so that she can be nominated, even when the base is largely rejecting her. I never signed up for this!

I'm pissed as hell that if she's nominated I'll either vote in Bernie Sanders as a write-in, or if John Kasich get's the GOP's nomination, I'll end up voting for him. Hillary is untrustworthy, and nominating her is a big mistake in my eyes! If she thinks that telling Millennials, such as myself, that we can't have anything to help us out, because we have to subsidize big business, then she deserves to lose to the Republicans in November. Let the Republicans run us into the ground, we'll boot them out after 2 years (Congress and across the states) and 4 years (Presidency) anyway. This is how fed up people are with all the excuses and the lies. We know how tough it is to govern 320 million of us, but that's no excuse to ignore us when we're calling for help and/or some relief. No way are we going to let Corporate America (specifically big business and the very wealthy) call the shots. No way in hell! 

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