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Friday, April 22, 2016

Hillary And Anti-Semitism And How It Disqualifies Her

Apparently Hillary Clinton has forgotten the memo that attacking Bernie Sanders based solely on his religion is a real way to turn off the Jewish vote. Way to go with the goysplaining, it's really burying you deeper. I can't stand this, she's peddling in the same hate that we would expect to see from either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. I mean, really?

Anyway, I found the actual piece that Hillary submitted to The Times of Israel, via Truthdig. It sickens me to think that someone is telling someone else that they're betraying their own religion when they're calling out extremism and calls for genocide. This is exactly what Bernie was doing when he said that someone has to say to Benjamin Netanyahu that he's not always right, especially when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians. To call Bernie a self-hating Jew for saying that we need to rein in Israel's disproportionate military responses to the Palestinians & the continual incitement to violence is absolutely bogus. If anything, it proves that we need to do more to end this cycle of dehumanization on both sides (but most importantly the dehumanization of the Palestinians by Israel) and the ongoing cycles of violence.

Anyway, Hillary's level of disrespect to Bernie by calling him a self-hating Jew is just sickening and hardens my resolve to make sure she doesn't become the nominee for The Democrats. By going into the "Who is a Jew" debate, she's completely disqualified herself. This lady is vile and should never be given the duties that come with being the President. It also proves that Hillary has no idea what the heck she's babbling about with those spoon-fed talking points from AIPAC, which is to conflate Anti-Semitism with criticizing Israel. This is a false equivalence and also completely bogus. Both largely have nothing to do with one another. It's not always Anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, especially when it comes to Human Rights, or if it's not adhering to its international responsibilities.

The fact is that Bernie has a lot more crediblity from having been in Israel, and actually working on kibbutz there. He also understands that there are extreme voices on both sides, just like there are voices of calm and reason.So to tell him to fall in line with AIPAC's talking points is just stupid and wrong as it misses much of the larger picture with all of its nuances.

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