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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

An Unsettling Confirmation Of Predicting Hillary's Electoral Loss

I remember that I wrote on here back in April that Hillary Clinton would lose in next week's election, and what's more unsettling is that my prediction was completely accurate. Seeing the whole house of cards come down is just another way of exposing the overall point that Hillary was not fit for office by any means. Yeah, I'll admit she's the most qualified on paper, but the fact is that she's got horrible judgment that's led her to make even worse decisions. We can't have that in a president. Now this isn't to say that Donald Trump is any better, because let's face it, he's too incompetent to be president from being unable to stick to any of his decisions. The fact that he's made openly bigoted and insulting commentary is another reason to disqualify him, too. But we've now got the least competent candidate possible heading into White House, where he shouldn't be in or anywhere near.

But this would not have been the case if The Democrats hadn't been so pigheaded about lining their pockets at the expense of the electorate. That's exactly what happened when they nominated Hillary, a candidate who in reality is even more unqualified than Trump is. And now look at the upcoming aftermath, especially at what will be the complete tarnishing of Barack Obama's legacy when he leaves office in January. And for what? To bring in a major pay-to-play scheme that threatens to undermine American sovereignty just so a newly elected president can line their pockets? Who wants this? Unbelievable! Maybe now with the GOP in complete control, the Democrats will wise up and start to bring down the corruption that's tainted them in the eyes of the American electorate.

The DNC should take to heart that in no way should they take their base's vote for granted. This cuts especially true with progressives and other core constituencies. Without the base, the party can't win elections. This proved true back in 2000, and it's proving true today in 2016.

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