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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Post-Mortom Analysis On The Democrats' Loss And How Their Collusion With The Mainstream Corporate Media Enabled Donald Trump's Victory

Given how we're now in the post-election transitionary stage for Donald Trump's upcoming presidency, it's now a good time to reflect on how the DNC's pigheadedness enabled this victory for the far-right. No one should be ignoring the fact that a Trump presidency will certainly be a rallying cry for reinstating White male supremacy together with Jim Crow and Reaganomics. But this is also our moment to get organized to fight against this agenda.

To understand why we're being forced back into this old fight, we need to first look at what enabled this to come back into our political dialog. Much of the bigotry coming out to the forefront is from the anger of being left behind in the global economy. Additionally, that same anger has exploded as another wave of White Rage against Blacks and other minorities for having the audacity of even thinking they have special rights over them. This is complete nonsense as the principle of all men are created equal has been established in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in The Constitution, via the Preamble and 14th Amendment. But the DNC has no credibility left in making this point as they, like the RNC, have been partaking in too many divisive cultural issues. This is all while doing nothing to help the people who were badly struggling to get by. It's been especially true in regards to middle-class and working-class Whites, many of whom voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 & 2012. For Democrats to dismiss these voting groups as little more than, as Hillary Clinton called them, a basket of deplorables, which was a death-sentence-in-waiting at the polls. So it's any wonder that the GOP has control of all 3 branches of the federal government. The Democrats needed to craft their message as being the party that would fight for economic justice, but instead went with divisive identity politics.

The corporate mainstream media didn't help matters by largely being an Orwellian mouthpiece of the Clinton campaign throughout this electoral cycle, often with the same kind of echo-chamber effect that also takes place among right-wing news media. It was no better with many left-wing news media, like The Daily Beast and The Nation. Even The Huffington Post was no better in many respects. Instead of actually reporting on the data they received, they badly misled the public in order to get their candidate (Hillary) elected and used bullying tactics to achieve that goal. Which was why they propped up Trump instead of calling out his overtly bigoted commentary. What they intentionally ignored was the fact he was able to connect with the same voters that Bernie Sanders had tapped into, many of whom were tired and furious about being sidelined and ignored. Besides being tired of being told how to talk, act, etc., they rebelled by voting for Trump. Who can blame them? The point being that the Democrats gave off the aura of entitlement to their votes. That sense of entitlement that came out the Clinton campaign was turning voters off, more so than Trump's bigoted comments.

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