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Monday, April 19, 2021

Derek Chauvin's Case Being An Illustration Of The Current State of American Race Relations

 It's no secret that we're in a polarized time with regards to race relations in America; something that Derek Chauvin's trial for murdering George Floyd last year represents very clearly illustrates. What we're seeing with the trial is a growing realization that race relations aren't/weren't what they seemed. In 1 sense, it's good to see that people are coming together regardless of their background, but don't ignore the fact that for all the progress we've made over the past nearly 60 years, we still have more work to do. 

Irrespective of whether Chauvin's found innocent or guilty, it still doesn't change the fact that expression of racist tropes has been on the rise for the past 10+ years. No, Donald Trump's presidency wasn't the cause of any it, it was a byproduct of that steep rise. The problem goes back to just prior to Barack Obama declaring he was running for president in February 2007, with photos with racist commentary having been allegedly leaked from Hillary Clinton's campaign in January 2007 (There isn't enough evidence to confirm that accusation).

Should he be found guilty, however, it would be a significant step to realizing the long held principle of "Equality under the law." We need to send the message that we practice what we preach." It would also send the message that Black and other people of color's do actually matter and that America hears them in their time of pain.

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