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Monday, August 9, 2010

Israel & International Flottila Inquiry

Once again, Israel has proven it's not willing to live up to international transparency standards. It's saddening to think that the land of my ancestors would threaten to return to their boycott of these kinds of international investigations. And yet, it's not surprising either, as they claim bias within the investigations. It's not bias, it's the fact that Israel has a tendency to overreact and blow all kinds of nonsense out of proportion. I don't even believe for a second that Israel acted in self-defense against the pro-Palestine activists, it was more like a case of state-sanctioned piracy and terrorism on the high-seas. This is the 21st Cent., most countries don't engage in this kind of activity any more.

My hope is that Pres. Obama, and his administration, will reign in PM Netanyahu's govt. Not only are they backing down on their promise to let an international investigation look into this, they also promised to participate. I personally think that America should condemn this and let a resolution go through the security council condemning Israel's decision. To let Israel get away with this is completely absurd. They should be held to the same standards as everyone else. America needs to face this fact and get out of the way of any international appeals to reign Israel in.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Western Islamophobia

God, I've been seeing so much Islamophobia in several Western countries. It's been breeding laws that seem to restrict what Muslims can and can't wear when out in public. Example: In Spain, there's currently a law in the Parliament to ban the wearing of Burqas (just like in France and Switzerland). I can't believe the amount of ignorance and intolerance being thrown around. This kind of hatred just saddens me, especially because it suppresses people who are only trying to live their lives. I understand the countries want the new comers to adopt the dominant culture, but those same countries should allow them to retain some parts of their culture as well.

Not to mention, there's still a bit of Islamophobia in America, as well. Like, just this year, there was some large scandal about CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) infiltrating the Congress, forcing it to hire more Muslims. It was a bogus scare tactic, that can be used Republican strategists to gain seats this November. I think its callous and cruel, and I largely condemn this. It's sickening to think that people can be this cruel, especially in America. I know of America's violently racist past, and I've seen pictures of it. I also know of the same violence happening today. Muslims are one target today, just like they were years ago.

And to think, much of this comes as a reaction to Islamic extremism. That's the problem: extremism breeds extremism, and, before we know it, we'll all be at war. I think that it's this veneral hatred that's driving the West to war with Iran. I give you, Iran has been baiting Israel, to a point, but still Israel is very close to nuking Iran, as is America. I fear, within the next couple of years, war will come to fruition.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

America and Russia: spies in our midst

Oh God, where do I begin with this? Well, after Obama and Medvedev had successfully recalibrated the America-Russia strategic relationship, a spy scandal pops out. Now everyone knows about the diplomatic posturing of denying any knowledge, which was appropriate on Russia's part. Of course, they demand an explanation for why some of their citizens have been arrested and about to be prosecuted for espionage. Well, turned out that didn't happen.

I'm absolutely amazed at the expediency exercised by the Obama Foreign and Justice Depts. as well as the CIA chief working with his Russian counterpart for a swap. It looked like the details of what played out were agreed upon in backroom dealings and that Obama had approved before meeting with Medvedev. Well, seeing that neither Obama nor Medvedev are likely to publicly comment on this, shows that they're moving past the scandal and will likely not have to deal with too many politics involved.

Israel's at it again

I find this hard to believe, that as a Jew, I see extremists hijacking my faith and twisting its text for their own grand designs. I'd like to ask where they get the evidence within the Old Testament that allows them to settle in the disputed areas, but I'm not in Israel. I don't plan to go either, as these extremists will try to do everything possible to get me to see the Palestinians, as well as other Arab nationalities, as evil. I don't see them that way, they're people who want to live their lives in peace and respect.

Now as for why I'm slamming Israel yet again, it's that they're cutting off a Palestinian village in the West Bank from the rest of the World. Most routes in and out are not accessible and are largely blocked off by the Israeli govt. I know that once they cut off this village, they'll bulldoze it to place another settlement. The international community, along with America, has called upon Israel to quit doing this, and meanwhile, Israel is thumbing its nose, saying it can do what it wants. This is a bogus argument and an immense double standard, as when the Palestinians try to rebuild their lives, they're looking to steal Israeli land. It's no wonder that the Palestinians have no interest in direct negotiations, the Israelis won't listen to their needs. They never will, because the extremists run the country. America needs to pull out of these negotiations now, Israel is only going to make it look bad in the Muslim World.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beck's University

God, I know that America has become a nation that honors immense stupidity, but this is the worst. Beck opening a new university is the biggest laugh I can have. Honestly, for a guy who never graduated from college, nor one who's particularly fond of education as it is, happens to be the biggest joke ever. Seriously, it undermines the real prestige of American higher education.

Look, it's nothing more than a scheme of Beck's to grab your money. Not to mention, the rewriting of American history for purposes to advocate violence is undeniably idiotic, and I'm being very kind in saying that. Beck is a business man who goes about scaring you so that you will buy his sponsors' products, i.e., Gold. He's an excellent pitchman, I'll give him that, but for the love of God, actually expand your horizons and listen to other news sources.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reasons for Why Not to Elect Republican Congress

The Republican Party, has over the last year, been going balls to the wall over its hatred of our President. Let's face it, a Southernized Congress will only try to bring back Jim Crow and look to make America a Christian nation, with no room for free expression. This is not what we need, as they are nothing more than extremists. It's only their way or nothing, and if you don't like that, go elsewhere.

At the same time, their economic policy is you are on your own if you can't find work. We need to extend permanent tax-breaks to our corporate cronies and keep the offshoring break legal. It's wealthfare for the top. Don't worry, you will be subsidized if you are in the wealthiest 1-5%. This is just ludacris!

We need to keep the Democrats in charge for another 2 years. They're the ones with the ideas, not the Republicans. The Republicans only want to piss you off to the point that you'll give up your rights. Also, they wish to enshrine division & hatred.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been talking to friends and lately they've been sayin a lot how they feel burnt out. I happen to sympathize with them since I feel like my drive is also burning out, even though I'm very close to being done with my General Education units.

Well hopefully, I might find a way to make sure I can stay on track and not get too lost in the drama of college. I've had too many things get in the way, that's holding me up. Most notably is my inability to pass English 214. I've always had problems with that class and found someway to screw myself over (be it a bad match with a professor, or just simply me not being able to get to class on time). Mainly the situation has been the latter, but I guess I had trouble with 1 professor's teaching style. Another problem that I have with English is that I have no love for the subject, period. I never have and probably never will, but my university makes too big a deal out of that requirement, even though I know it's important to be able to write clearly. Sometimes, I feel that I can't get all the rules in that subject and therefore cannot always see what I need to look for. No matter what I keep doing, I can't ever make it good enough for professors. Some of them, happen to be assholes, but that's beside the point. Most are actually quite good with working with students that have learning disabilities. That's the situation with my current English professor and I give him/her a lot of credit for that. I personally think that the people who run universities should hire professors like mine. It will actually let students have a more level playing field.

I've also figured out that my burnout had been from me taking on too many classes and working myself through an entire summer without ever taking time off for myself or finding another way to occupy my time. The result of the burnout has been that I was on the internet for too many hours. Now I see what it has done to my GPA. I think that now, since I got the internet problem out of the way, I can take a fresh look at my course work and can better concentrate on taking care of the business of getting my GPA up to about a 2.70 by the end of the year. Hopefully, when I'm out of my college, I'll have a 3.50 GPA***.

***GPA stands for Grade Point Average***

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent inauguration of Pres. Obama

As many of you are aware, Barack Obama has recently become the 44th President of the United States of America. Although it is early in his term, I think we can expect great things from him and hold true to his enthusiasm that if we're doing community service, that we can do just about anything. My only hope is that he can keep us inspired to what we, as Americans, can do to get ourselves out of this whole we're in. If it's done at the microeconomic level and expanded upwards, I think that that may do the trick. You can't do it from the top down.

The good part is that partisan politics is now a thing of the past, and lately I've seen both political parties go more towards a bi-partisan path to solving the nations problems, even if they don't agree on some of the details.

To Pres. Obama: I hope that with your guidance, we can find a new way to define the United States of America as a nation and who we are as a people. I find that you are on the ball when you said that we will not apologize for our way of life. I agree whole-heartedly with you on that statement. Mr. President, your election has inspired such good-will and hope from both within and for our nation. You have become the very calming of the storm that is needed after the turbulence of the 1990s and the Bush years.

To my friends here and abroad: I think that with this underway, we shall see a small era of peace and hopefully a new vision of how the United States of America will in fact define itself as this century unfolds itself. I think that we shall see the USA start to regain its reputation after being humbled down. You may not see the US Military dictate US Foreign Policy as much and that it will be instead be dictated by the US State Dept, which is where that responsibility belongs, more often.

Just to be clear, I don't know how these years will turn out, but I have a sense everything will get back to normal. I think that Pres. Obama will do whatever he can to make sure this country can be all that it can. If you are worried that the Republican party will make some surprise comeback, I do not see that happening in 2010. The most likely time the Republicans will come back is maybe around 2016, maybe later. As long as Pres. Obama holds the White House, I think the Republicans will be reassessing their values and their core beliefs of low taxes and limited government. I now think that the Republican party will have to move towards the center, as the Democrats have under our president, in order to make themselves electable.

Then again, we shall see what the future bestows on us.

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