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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Bout Of Racism

In all ways to slam the Republicans for racist commentary, or the Right-Wing in general, that won’t happen in this post. I have a slightly different person to go after, Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, over comments he made to his girlfriend about posting pictures with African American or Latin American men. What’s the critical and racist commentary for? For instilling racialist demagoguing? This is not the 1960s! Why anyone thinks it's alright to degrade people because of their race or ethnicity is beyond my level of understanding.

While I hope the +Golden State Warriors do well in the playoffs and make it to the finals, I also feel for the +Los Angeles Clippers, as well. Like just about every other team in the +National Basketball Association, the heaviest proportion of the Clippers' players are African American, and so the comments by Sterling make their play-off time that much more difficult as it provides them with an unneeded distraction.Besides being a distraction, it's really goes beyond offensive. They're insensitive and this is the worst representation of the NBA. I hope the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the commission board of the NBA will get to the bottom of what happened as soon as possible. There needs to be a message sent throughout the league that this type of language is not permissible.

Why We Need To Vote This November

This picture says it all, and the reason behind the words is clearer than ever in my eyes. The Koch Brothers, along with other ultra-wealthy ultra-conservatives, attempting to tell us to keep out of our own nation, unless we re-instill White Supremacy with racial segregation and go after the Black community for even forcing the whole Civil (aka: Special) Rights issue, which is completely bogus. It’s not going to happen, as most Americans of all racial origins do not want the return of Jim Crow. It doesn’t serve our needs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

White Supremacism Taking On Nazi-esque Themes And New Lows From The Far-Right

Somehow, whenever anything happens that seems to have to do with penalizing someone who's White for breaking the law, the racialist-right goes absolutely nuts. Take for example the Cliven Bundy case: on the nose, it's an open and shut case of where the typical rancher has to pay a fine for not paying fees to graze cattle on federal land. Another factor to bear in mind is that approximately 80% of all land in Nevada is federally owned (nearly 20% more than the next state in line Utah), and when ranchers graze cattle in the area, they have to pay an annual fee to get a permit in order to let their cattle graze there, and Bundy had not been paying the fees annually nor the fines from the racked up fees, and so he was forcibly evicted from the area.

However, what has me concerned is that there's been some figures who've backed Bundy, have also declared their intention to bring women and children as human shields. This reminds me exactly of the type of extremism that we purportedly tried to fight off in the Middle East, with only some temporary success. Still, it makes me sick to hear of Americans, specifically those from the right-wing, championing this. This is not principled conservatism, this is just outright insanity. To think that this is mainstream is even more sickening to me.

It should be time for the American public to rise up and call out the right for continually calling for violence. It's not the American way, and to say that Democracy is Socialism, and that "Americanism" is dictatorship, bullshit! This is way we need to shut down the funding to +The Tea Party, and end their reign of violent "credibility".

This is +jgsf1987, Share this among your friends and families.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Software Testing

Hey all, +jgsf1987, here. I'm going to put politics aside for a moment to talk on my newest adventure as of yet, software testing. It's pretty simple, but a little tedious at times, as you need to watch what you're doing as precisely as possible. Basically, all I'm doing is looking for bugs, and making a note of such bugs. Like I said, simple yet tedious.

Anyhow this is my newest gig thus far.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New thoughts

I've been following some stories as of late, but others not as much as I'd like. First off, the scene in Washington: No, I'm not surprised that the +GOP has a slight lead over +The Democrats in the polls, nor am I 100% concerned either, it's a midterm election year. Midterms generally favor the opposition, that's been the historic trend as it is. What does concern me though is that +The Democrats are too busy gloating about how dumb the +GOP is (which they should point out to voters), instead of working on fixing some of their mistakes from 4 years ago. Truth be told, the Affordable Care Act is not sustainable in its current format and needs some tweaking desperately in order to fully function. That being said, its full repeal and replacement with the old system is not an option either. Here's why: anybody could be dropped at will by the insurance industry, leaving them no means of accessing the very medical attention they needed in order to live. In addition, there were no safeguards in place for people who were switching jobs or had just turned 18. Lastly, what's the point in going back to a system where 1 in every 3 dollars was being used on administrative costs? Here's a video of +Dennis Kucinich from back in 2010, where he talks about the system as flawed as it is now, to an extent, but also how much worse the old system was.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going backwards is not an option.

To see and hear the enormous discourse we’ve got in us is heartening to see on display within the feeds on +Facebook+ Fan Page and +Twitter.  It means that Liberals, like myself, as well as Moderates and Conservatives, can pitch ideas of how to keep making America stronger. I think at the same time, that my posts sometimes end up attracting followers of +The Tea Party more than anything else, most likely because they call me a "Socialist" (Riiiiiiiiiiight!) for espousing the view that we could do a little more to help relieve the tax burden on about 98% of Americans by trying to get the very wealthy to contribute their far share. Let's get real, while many conservatives agree with the assessment I've given out, +The Tea Party will continue to block anything that will even force the very wealthiest Americans to contribute because they are the "chosen ones" to have everything and that we ought to go after those who can barely defend themselves, which is the most bogus argument out there.

It's as +Barack Obama's said, we're going forward and we're not going back to anything that was remotely disfunctional. It's time to head this off, and make it clear as a nation that going backward is not an option!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Life going nowhere

Ever get that feeling that your life is going nowhere and that it’s spinning out of control? Yeah? I can relate, hella. I seriously feel as if my life’s going nowhere at the moment, just a wait and see approach. But, there’s no point in complaining, as it won’t change the situation. We all need to see this fact for what it is: If one doesn’t care for one’s current state in life, they can change it with the right opportunity.

This is my opportunity and it’s really time to move on with my life. Don’t worry more posts to come, stay tuned.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Katie Cole's New Album: "Lay It All Down"

I first want to say that this is a post dedicated to the successful album launch by my friend, +KatieColeOfficial.

Katie Cole has done wonders putting together her new album Lay It All Down, and I believe I owe it to her to write this out. Much of the newer music is actually very captivating as in it's something I can relate to personally, but I think she makes it very clear about how we all go through the grinds of life, both the positives and the negatives. I would say overall, if there could be any additions, it would be a message to everyone that always keep one's eyes open (essentially using the old Russian proverb of trust, but verify).

This is +jgsf1987.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tea Party Republicans and Beating War Drums

First of all, I think it'd be right to start off with this picture:
Yeah, it's a good laugh in the sense that +The Tea Party has no intellectual means of expressing their rage with +Barack Obama. However, one should not make the mistake that there's a second message, one where we need to punish Russia militarily for mocking us. I've heard of wars starting over circumstances even goofier than this, but this is no laughing matter. Here's the story from Addicting Info. A war with Russia, would cause more problems than anyone should care to think about. I mean, we're talking the world's largest stockpile of Nuclear Weapons.

Anyway, I find it infuriating listening to politicians such as +Lindsey Graham and +John McCain, talking eagerly about getting into another war, as if they simply want a first resort military option. That's not an effective foreign policy. Next of all, what is the point in going after Russia militarily? What do they have that we want? Oil? Natural Gas? News Flash: we have more natural gas than they do, and as for oil, there's a boom in North Dakota. Translation: We don't need it. Outside of their space program, and maybe new trade partnerships, there's nothing to gain from going after the Russians in a military sense.

Picture Credit: +Daryl Cagle 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Situation in Ukraine

Watching the events unfold in the ongoing war of words between Russia and Ukraine, I find it reletively unsurprising that +Vladimir Putin  would attempt something so bold. He’s causing mischief abroad to soak up support at home as a means of distracting the Russians from a practically free-falling economy. As a good means of keeping public support up at home meant attacking another sovereign nation within the "Near Abroad." By doing this, Putin's showed a complete disregard for any agreements that Russia's signed in helping to shape international law. In addition, it shows a complete disregard for any international law and national sovereignty of Russia's neighbors, this time being Ukraine. However, I will say this about Russians as a people: most are not like the current leadership in Moscow. As a people, they're largely docile and peaceful, and some of the most pleasant to be around. Another thing to bear in mind about Russian culture is that the people place a lot more emphasis on intellectuallism and pragmatism, rather than fierce ideology and violence.

All this mischief making was bound to get Putin in trouble sooner or later, and I think now it's pretty much gotten him in a deep hole. There's no denying it; even as events unfold in his favor, Putin's largely alienated any good will from national leaders (such as +Barack Obama and +Angela Merkel) that he needs to keep Russia afloat. Just as much as the West cannot get anywhere in solving problems without Russia, as history has proven time and again, the inverse is also true, as Russia cannot get anywhere solving problems at least current ones without the West. Both Obama and Merkel have noted a recent, yet disturbing, trend with Putin as of late, it's as if he's losing all connection to reality. If anything, an aggressive foreign policy and a leader whose spoken lines are badly slurred, it signals only one thing, a leader corrupted by vast power and money. Yet at the same time, Putin's also been saying several factors have to be strung together to get Russia's recognition of Ukraine's new governing administration, some of which do not coincide with each other. That's a sign also that someone's on the verge of a complete breakdown.

Turning to Ukraine, the deposed president of that nation, +Viktor Yanukovych, was an acolyte of Putin's, who only won the presidency in 2010 due to Putin's help. If anything, that's a classic case of Russia meddling in the affairs of its neighbors. Now that Yanukovych has lost power by fleeing to Moscow, he now has nothing to return to. The party that backed him, the Party of Regions, has said quite flatly they will not give him an ounce of support. It's apparent now that any return by Yanukovych to Ukraine would certainly see his arrest for his handling of the protests to start opening up the political rings to help solve problems, and his orders to violently suppress the protests in complete disregard of his citizen's lives. However, by fleeing to Russia, Yanukovych now has no connection to Ukraine at all, and now cannot credibly say anything on the people's behalf.

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