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Friday, January 20, 2017

The New Era Dawns

There's no doubt that with Donald Trump as our 45th President that we are entering a new era. It no surprise to hear that because there's united government under the GOP, both House Republicans and the Senate GOP are now drunk with power. Take this article illustrating a recent tussle between Ron Wyden and Pat Roberts from Politicus USA , and it's easy to see how this new direction is about to take us into a period of chaos. This is a reason to keep organizing opposition to the ongoing antics that the Republicans continue to pull. Now hopefully Trump will force them to do right by the oath that they've taken to protect and defend the Constitution, but even that's a low bar to set.

If there's any ideas pushed out by the new Trump Administration to put people back to work, then by all means we should join forces with them to make sure that comes into fruition. Trump's absolutely right in saying that our infrastructure is falling into deep disrepair, and that our foreign and trade policies are a trainwreck that need some deep revisions. I'll go by what Bernie Sanders has said about working with Trump, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why Opposing Donald Trump And The Republicans' Far-Right Wing Is The Easy Part For The Next 4 Years

For all the stories we're hearing in the news how it'll be end times when Donald Trump becomes our 45th President on Friday, the last thing we should do is panic. The fact is that opposing Trump and the GOP's far-right wing is not the hard part of getting by the next 4 years, that surprisingly is the easy part. There's going to be an overreach by the Republicans, and that may happen sooner rather than later. To prepare our opposition we need to organize and continue to press the point that what they're planning to do will actually do more harm than good. Plus we'll have the majority of the people on our side. However, this can only work if the Democrats ditch their corporate-wing, which has been helping the Republicans accelerate the ongoing race to the bottom.

Prying control of the party from the corporate-wing is the hard part, and without doing this, we can't start the process of reversing the worsening effects of social and economic inequality. Those effects are what's driving the power of the far-right, and its quick fixation on scapegoats as a way of directing the people's attention elsewhere. We can't tackle the issue of racial division without simultaneously tackling the issue of class inequality. If we don't resolve both issues at the same time, we're likely to see political figures even more extreme than Trump is possibly entering the presidency.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Why Donald Trump And Benjamin Netanyahu's Meltdown Over The UN Vote Is No Massive Surprise

No one should be shocked by the abhorrent behavior on display by both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu over the United States' abstention from enabling a UNSC Resolution condemning Israel's continued settlement construction to pass. Both of them are going back to the same tired talking points of why a Palestinian state is too dangerous to enable and that it's Israel's right to continue settlement construction of both the West Bank and East Jerusalem. While this comes as sweet revenge for Barack Obama, the truth of the matter is that the demand that Israel cease settlement construction and follow international law has been U.S. Policy regarding the Mideast going back to Lyndon Johnson's administration and carried on by the 8 presidents that succeeded him. For Obama to order Samantha Powers to abstain displays that it has been an ongoing foreign policy objective to achieve a 2-state solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not some underhanded plot to reject Israel's sovereignty.

So it's no wonder that Netanyahu is exceedingly furious as he and his government are finally starting to be held accountable for their violations of international law. The fact is that the United States can't continue to shield these acts if it's serious about bringing an end to this conflict. There had been ongoing private warnings by Obama and his foreign policy team that there would be consequences for Netanyahu's intransigence, and the abstention was a way of driving that point home. If Israel is really serious about defending a policy that is indefensible, it's only going to isolate itself even further. So to call Obama's order an anti-Semitic act is completely bogus, as the abstention was about upholding international law and the binding agreements to which Israel is a signatory.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What We're In For With Donald Trump As President

Guaranteed that on day 1 in office, there's going to be multiple conflicts of interest regarding Donald Trump and his various business interests. From an article on ThinkProgress, it's not hard to see how much worse the corruption will end up being because of Trump's decision not to put his various business interests into a blind trust. Go ahead and read it for yourselves, and let me know what you think either on here, or on these sites:

that or just drop me an email at:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dakota Access Pipeline Shot Down

While it's heartening to hear that Barack Obama, via the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, just denied a permit for  Energy Transfer Partners LP to commence construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota. This was because of efforts by organizations like Move On and The Wilderness Society to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in protesting ETP's attempt to steal their land to drill for and transport oil. Had a number of veterans not stepped in with their full dress uniforms on, it's very likely that the issue would have not ended in the the Sioux's favor.

Just as an update, ELP has made it clear that they're going to build the pipeline under the Missouri River right by the Sioux's tribal land regardless if it has the permit or not. This is just little more than a clear display of the arrogance that's been on display from many of the largest of corporate titans. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why Donald Trump's Victory In The Presidential Contest Was No Shock/Surprise

If we all take a look at how badly The Democrats screwed up by nominating Hillary Clinton for president, it'll come as no surprise to see how Donald Trump won. The fact is that Hillary and the Democrats ran the most tone-deaf campaign ever in recent memory, calling basically any and all opposition to Hillary sexism. Not that Trump had a clear plan to begin with, but at least he bothered to talk in language that resonated with the same bloc that Bernie Sanders tapped into as well. The only difference being the directionality of where the voters' anger would go. The point being that Hillary's ad hominem argument that all criticism of her was sexist helped to drive many of the same voters that Barack Obama won in 2012 over to Trump.

Post-Mortom Analysis On The Democrats' Loss And How Their Collusion With The Mainstream Corporate Media Enabled Donald Trump's Victory

Given how we're now in the post-election transitionary stage for Donald Trump's upcoming presidency, it's now a good time to reflect on how the DNC's pigheadedness enabled this victory for the far-right. No one should be ignoring the fact that a Trump presidency will certainly be a rallying cry for reinstating White male supremacy together with Jim Crow and Reaganomics. But this is also our moment to get organized to fight against this agenda.

To understand why we're being forced back into this old fight, we need to first look at what enabled this to come back onto our political dialog. Much of the bigotry coming out to the forefront is from the anger of being left behind in the global economy. Additionally, that same anger has exploded as another wave of White Rage against Blacks and other minorities for having the audacity of even thinking they have special rights over them. This is complete nonsense as the principle of all men are created equal has been established in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in The Constitution, via the Preamble and 14th Amendment. But the DNC has no credibility left in making this point as they, like the RNC, have been partaking in too many divisive cultural issues. This is all while doing nothing to help the people who were badly struggling to get by. It's been especially true in regards to middle-class and working-class Whites, many of whom voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 & 2012. For Democrats to dismiss these voting groups as little more than, as Hillary Clinton called them, a basket of deplorables, which is a death-sentence-in-waiting at the polls. So it's any wonder that the GOP has control of all 3 branches of the federal government. The Democrats needed to craft their message as being the party that would fight for economic justice, but instead went with divisive identity politics.

The corporate mainstream media didn't help matters by largely being an Orwellian mouthpiece of the Clinton campaign throughout this electoral cycle, often with the same kind of echo-chamber effect that also takes place among right-wing news media. It was no better with many left-wing news media, like The Daily Beast and The Nation. Even The Huffington Post was no better in many respects. Instead of actually reporting on the data they received, they badly misled the public in order to get their candidate (Hillary) elected and used bullying tactics to achieve that goal. Which was why they propped up Trump instead of calling out his overtly bigoted commentary. What they intentionally ignored was the fact he was able to connect with the same voters that Bernie Sanders had tapped into, many of whom were tired and furious about being sidelined and ignored. Besides being tired of being told how to talk, act, etc., they rebelled by voting for Trump. Who can blame them? The point being that the Democrats gave off the aura of entitlement to their votes. That sense of entitlement that came out the Clinton campaign was turning voters off, more so than Trump's bigoted comments.

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